Brewers Close to Signing Looper, Sources Say

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IFebruary 9, 2009

There are only three things I know about Braden Looper. One, he apparently has some sort of relationship with Lou Pinella. Two, he's very in touch with his faith. And three, his middle name is LaVern. There may be a fourth piece of information I'll know about him, which could be that he is a member of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Does that paragraph seem familiar to you in any way? If it does, it's because you've probably seen it before, as I straight just cut and paste that sucker. I took it from an article written on December 21, 2008, from a blog I enjoy very much. That author? Me.

Yeah, we've been down this Braden Looper might be a Brewer road before, but apparently this time it's actually going to happen. Mustache Melvin confirms that a deal is close, and it appears a deal could be reached later this week, pending a physical of course. Looper would then service the Brewers as a back-end of the rotation starter. I'm guessing he'd start as the five man until Suppan collapses.

A move like this would have the biggest effect on the man who is possibly my favorite Brewer, Seth McClung. I would love to see Big Red as a starter, but I have to admit he's probably more effective as a late-inning set-up reliever. While Gallardo/Parra/Bush/Suppan/Looper isn't the most fantastic rotation in the bigs, it's certainly enough to at least relieve some of the panic I've had about our staff.

However, when you realize the Yankees rotation is Sabathia/Wang/Burnett/Pettitte/Chamberlain, it becomes apparent how insignificant this signing would be.