Kickball Video Will Have You Rethink Everything You Thought About Sport

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 12, 2012

If you love balls, kicking or kicking balls, you will be head over heels for this video. In fact, the main man in this video does exactly that. 

We bring you to the fine sport of kickball. A sport that was best left in the sixth grade is now being resurrected by grown men who like to drink on the weekends and women who would like to keep up but can't stand bowling. 

Yes, kickball is fun the whole family can enjoy. Kind of like a Slip and Slide, but without the horrible scarring that occurs when you find out the grass was far more rocky than you bargained for. 

Here is the video to end all kickball videos. Please note that there is some naughty NSFW language. 

As you can see, we are a bit late to the kickball geek fest. The teams already have full-fledged uniforms, and the pitcher is chucking the ball like this was an Olympic-sanctioned event. 

So you know what is to come is going to be good. 

By the way, the pitcher, it seems, is rather fond of bouncing the ball. I would like to call him out for being a no-good dirty cheater, but I haven't played this sport since I found girls and an ability to play real sports, so it would be an empty claim. 

Moving on, we see that the game is tighter than Metta World Peace's shorts, because you can almost sense the tension between the two sides. 

At the :45 second mark, one player kicks a real humdinger to left field. The kick is the impetus behind the greatest athletic moment I have seen in ten minutes. 

The player on second comes flying around third only to be greeted by a ball being thrown right at him. Not one to be hit with a ball, our superhero goes full Matrix and dives over the ball.


While you may want to watch and re-watch that moment, I am more interested in the player from the other team that is completely laying into one of his players. 

Even Carlos Zambrano thinks he is overreacting. Dude, calm down. According to YouTube, this may be the PAKC Kickball365 Circuit Tournament, but you need to take two chill pills and call me in the morning.  

It seems you and your compatriots gave up on real competition a long time ago. They all wanted to come out for a nice day of raiding the toy box from the local grade school and playing some kickball, not to be lambasted by an alpha male when a play breaks down. 

I guess this is all to say I need to find an open field and some snazzy jerseys, because I have a sudden and irresistible yearning to play kickball. 

Just no bouncies, please.


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