NBA Finals 2012: Why LeBron James Will Never Be Able to Silence His Critics

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NBA Finals 2012: Why LeBron James Will Never Be Able to Silence His Critics
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Since coming into the league in 2003, LeBron James has been dubbed "The Chosen One." He was supposed to take the NBA to heights it hadn't seen since the days when Michael Jordan dominated the game. After seven years and only one embarrassing trip to the NBA Finals in Cleveland, James famously took his talents to South Beach and signed with the Miami Heat.

It was that fateful day that LeBron James set himself up to become arguably the most criticized player in NBA history.

James's decision to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh led fans and analysts to speculate that James couldn't do it on his own. Even if he wins a title, whether it happens this year or in 10 years, it would lack any value because he took a shortcut to get to where he is.

In addition to these criticisms, many think that James' constant faltering in high-pressure situations will also kill his ability to be compared to the greatest players of all time. James has hit a few clutch shots in his career, but the problem is that only a few of those shots came during the playoffs.

Now, I'm not here to bash LeBron James and I'm not here to support LeBron James. I just think that he will never be able to silence his critics because he has so much working against him. The issue is that most of the hate he has received was brought upon himself.

It's amazing how a simple one-hour special can ruin a player's legacy.

However, if there is any conceivable way that James can prove everyone wrong, it would be the day he hits a game-winning shot in Game 7 of the NBA Finals that leads him to win his seventh NBA title. And even then, people will still find a way to make that achievement insignificant. It's completely unfair, but in this day of superstar-driven basketball, it is a sad reality.

It still feels like LeBron is trying to shut the haters up, but I think that's a lost cause. It will never happen, no matter what he does. A wise man once said, "Haters will continue to hate."

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