Kate Upton, Shakira and the Top 6 Footballer Wives and Girlfriends: BR5

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 Today we have a special treat for you. Ryan Bailey from Kick TV joined BR5’s own Desi Sanchez to discuss the hottest WAGs of the 2012 Euro Cup Tournament, as well as some of the USA’s best looking NFL gal-pals.

 In Europe, Ryan’s pick for #3 is Sylvie van der Vaart, spouse of Dutch Midfielder Rafael van der Vaart. Rafael plays professionally for the English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. They’re wedding was televised on a Dutch television station.

Desi’s pick for the USA’s #3 is Lauren Tannehill. Her husband Ryan was the Miami Dolphins’ first round selection in this year’s NFL Draft, and with HBO featuring the Dolphins on Hard Knocks, America is going to be seeing a lot more of the Tannehill’s this summer.

At #2 across the pond, is Shakira, linked to Spain’s Gerard Pique. Pique plays professionally for FC Barcelona as a Defender. Shakira’s certainly got a few years on him, ten to be exact, but she certainly made a name for herself long before these two got together.

 Representing the USA at #2 is Kate Upton. She’s easily becoming one of the most famous females in America. Now that she’s been linked to New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez she can challenge as America’s most famous football WAG. 

At #1, Ryan likes Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model Irina Shayk. Linked to Portuguese footballer supreme Christiano Ronaldo, these two are poised to take over all of Europe. Ronaldo plays professionally as a forward for Real Madrid. If the two have aspirations for European takeover, a Portuguese 2012 Euro Cup victory would be a great start.

Desi’s #1 goes to Gisele Bundchen. Kate Upton’s great, but there’s no disputing the combined power of Bundchen and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Not only are they both incredibly good-looking, but they could also purchase all of New England with ‘straight cash homey.’

So what do you guys think?

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