WWE Raw: 10 WWE Alumni Who Should Make Appearances on Raw Within the Next Weeks

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IJune 13, 2012

WWE Raw: 10 WWE Alumni Who Should Make Appearances on Raw Within the Next Weeks

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    Last night on Raw, it was announced that a different WWE Alumnus would be returning in the upcoming weeks leading to the show's 1000 episode celebration. 

    Leon White, best known as Vader, was the first of these returning WWE Alumni. He was featured in an exciting match against Heath Slater. 

    Vader was last seen on WWE television in 2005, suggesting that returning superstars need not be the "usual" Alumni who make habitual appearances. 

    What follows is a list of 10 WWE Alumni who may be returning to Raw within the next weeks. 


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    For years, JBL was a staple player on Raw. It many ways, his presence on the show lead to John Cena's current position as the WWE's franchise player. 

    His return to a WWE ring within the next weeks would be a great surprise, though his current Mt. Everest climbing ambitions  may keep this former WWE Champion away. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    The "Toughest SOB in the WWE" is no stranger to making surprise appearances on Raw.

    Still on amicable terms with the world's largest wrestling promotion, there is no doubt in my mind that Stone Cold Steve Austin will  pop his shiny bald head in soon during the WWE's Monday night programming. 

Tommy Dreamer

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    Once the franchise player of the ECW, Tommy Dreamer, now touring through the independent circuit, also made key appearances on Raw.  

    The likelihood of his return to the WWE is limited, but not one  beyond the realm of possibility. 

Bret Hart

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    I'm not a man who likes to gamble, but if I had to bet money on a WWE Alumni who is going  to be on Raw within the next weeks, I'd put all my money on seeing Bret Hart on TV.

    Plus it doesn't hurt that, last night, Natalya—Hart's niece—had a conversation with Mr. McMahon that foreshadowed the situation. 


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    After Brock Lesnar's return to the WWE, there were many rumors of a possible return from Batista. 

    Batista left the company in 2010 on less than friendly terms but, now two years removed from his departure, this may be the perfect time for the Animal to return. 


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    Last seen during the WWE's Slammy Awards last year, this retired Diva still stands on good ground with the WWE. 

    Now that the WWE Divas division is in a slump, Lita's return—if only for a night—would be a welcome addition to Monday night television. 

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

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    Roddy Piper is no stranger to Monday Night Raw. His frequent visits—and his "legends" contract with the WWE—basically guarantees we'll be seeing him within the next weeks. 

Jim Ross

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    Hornswoggle's recent mockery of Jim Ross' classic southern accent—in conjunctions to Mr. McMahon's similar antics—leads me to believe that his return is eminent. 

    Ross was last seen on WWE television during this year's WrestleMania sporting a goatee. If the WWE know's what right for programing, the Oklahoma native's facial hair should be seen on television screen within the next weeks. 


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    Part of the latest class of Hall of Famers, Edge's addition to Raw within the few weeks is not only a possibility, but should be a reality. 

    Now that Christian has returned to the ring, the return of his "best friend" makes perfect sense. 

Mick Foley (Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love)

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    Mick Foley's "This Is Your Life" segment with the Rock is, to this day, still one of the highest-rated episodes of Raw. As such, Foley's return to the WWE within the next weeks should be a sure thing. 

    Both the company and Foley are on friendly terms and, if all cards are played right, maybe Foley's other personas will join in on the fun. 

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