Watch Vader Make His Return to WWE Raw vs. Heath Slater

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It has been 14 years since Vader wrestled a proper match in the WWE, but he put on an extremely good match last night against the One-Man Southern Rock Band, Heath Slater.

The crowd came alive as Vader made his entrance and stepped into the ring. Huge "Vader" chants filled the arena.

The big man looked to be having a lot of fun in the ring and it was nostalgic for the fans to see him back where he belongs.

It could also be received as a good buildup for the impending 1,000th show that Raw is about to hit, as many expect legends to be cropping up left, right and center on that show.

Introducing a legend early is a good way to get people interested.

There were also chants of "you still got it" from the packed house, and I agree with them.

Though Vader looked slightly bigger than he did 14 years ago, he looked like he could still wrestle with the best of them.

There were also chants of Vader’s finishing move—the Vader Bomb—which he hit on Slater to pick up the victory.

"Vader Time" became the No. 1 trend worldwide—something I thought I'd never see.

It was a feel-good show, and if I was completely taken in by kayfabe, I’d have said John Laurinaitis should keep his job just for booking that match.

I hope to see more of Vader in the coming weeks leading to show 1,000, and I hope it was not just a one-off performance.

Unlucky, Slater.

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