WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Out, Dolph Ziggler in Against Sheamus at No Way Out

Kaleb KelchnerContributor IIIJune 12, 2012

The members of the WWE Universe who have been calling for Dolph Ziggler to get his chance in a main event match have had their wish granted...at the cost of Alberto Del Rio's skull. 

WWE.com has the official announcement:

Just six days before his No Way Out title showdown against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio found himself not medically cleared for action, thanks to a concussion he received during a match with The Great Khali on the June 8 edition of SmackDown.

With time of the essence, a new No. 1 contender for The Celtic Warrior was promptly established on Raw SuperShow. That Superstar would be none other than Dolph Ziggler, an ultra-dangerous competitor on a mission to prove himself.

Dolph Ziggler earned his shot by defeating The Great Khali, Jack Swagger and Intercontinental Champion Christian in a four man elimination match on Raw.

Ziggler's talents really took over when he found himself one-on-one with Christian, another great worker. The finish to their dramatic exchange came when Ziggler hit the Zig Zag and got a clean pin.

The logical choice to fill in for Alberto Del Rio was always Ziggler, as he and Sheamus have had multiple matches over the past few weeks. Ziggler is certainly in the right place at the right time, and we'll see come Sunday night if he can truly deliver in a main event slot.

How do you see this working out for Dolph Ziggler, Bleachers?