Memo to WWE: Bring Vader Back on a Semi-Regular Basis

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJune 12, 2012

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Tonight on Raw, we witnessed the return of Vader in a WWE ring, for what was built as a novelty match. The idea of this match was to build the anticipation for the 1000th episode of Raw next month.

However, what we received was actually a fairly entertaining match from Vader. He looked like he was ready to go in the ring, and in my opinion, he delivered big time.

At first, I was expecting a quick 30-second squash match between Vader and Heath Slater. What was delivered by both was a fairly competitive back and forth five minute match. Vader fought like a beast and it was believable.

The crowd was really hot for Vader and was genuinely happy to see him back in a featured role. I too found myself glued to the TV. 

Though I am not going to say that Vader should be brought back in a regular role every week, I think he proved tonight that he still has something to offer. Vader is 57 years old, and he likely cannot wrestle in a full-time capacity.

However, from what we saw tonight, I hope that the WWE will give him a spot in a semi-regular legends role, similar to other legends who come back from time to time, like Roddy Piper and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Vader should never be a world champion again. But having him in the WWE family would not hurt. In a time where the WWE is about to embark on a weekly three hour Raw, it couldn’t hurt to bring legends like Vader out of the mothballs from time to time.  

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