15 Funniest Madden Glitch Videos on YouTube

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IIJune 12, 2012

15 Funniest Madden Glitch Videos on YouTube

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    We all know Madden as the greatest football video game of all time—but it's not perfect.

    Much like anything that involves technology, there are some flaws and there are some things that just don't make too much sense, and we call those "glitches."

    After surfing YouTube for about an hour, I have compiled the 15 funniest Madden glitches available on YouTube. 

    Before we start this slideshow, allow me to say one thing: Some of these videos are being commentated by, let's just say, not the brightest bulbs. 

    With that being said, let's get this slideshow going. 

The Floating Giant

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    In all my years of playing Madden, I have never seen anything quite like this happen. 

    A floating player? Yep, that's right. 

    The one thing that gets me curious is, did this kid attack the floating cornerback all game? Did he take advantage of that? He better have. 

A Flopping Fish

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    I would love to see how an opposing offensive lineman would approach a pass-rusher that is just flopping around like a fish out of water. 

    No matter how strange this looked, it worked as he somehow made his way into the backfield and sacked Peyton Manning

A New Defensive Scheme Is Discovered

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    Apparently, the San Diego Chargers felt it was best to defend Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts with a kick return coverage team. 

    And apparently, the Colts have been in this situation before and know exactly how to attack this defense: a totally illegal center sneak with Jeff Saturday. 

Superman Plays Cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts

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    I'm just three years removed from my days of high school football—and after seeing this video, I wish I could tackle like this cornerback.

    He gets beat on the play by the wide receiver and simply dives straight ahead for the touchdown-saving tackle—and does his best impression of Superman. 

Madden on Hallucinogens

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    If you were on some sort of drug that allowed you to hallucinate, then this is what Madden would probably look like.

    To be honest, I have no idea how to even describe this glitch—it's pretty out there. 

    However, one explanation for this phenomena is that there was some sort of nuclear explosion that caused this madness. 

The Ultimate Stalemate

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    The players hit each other so hard, they just froze up against each other. 

    The only explanation to this is if Harry Potter came along and used the freezing charm "Immobulus."

Can't Touch This

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    Clearly the glitch is that the wide receiver somehow started to celebrate, which prevented from any defender touching him—hence the "can't touch this" title. 

No One Can Bring Him Down!

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    I wasn't all that amused by the glitch itself, but I was more amused by the amazing commentary down by YouTube user RSQViper

    You mad, bro? 

    Warning: Language NSFW.

Marshawn Lynch Pulling a DeSean Jackson

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    Marshawn Lynch did his best impression of DeSean Jackson celebrating prior to breaking the plane and scoring a touchdown and ultimately losing control of the football.

    What an idiot! 

Kelly Holcomb Decides It's Best to Take a Safety

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    Apparently instead of throwing the ball away or even taking a sack, Kelly Holcomb decides it's best to throw the ball into his own end zone for a safety.

    No wonder why he didn't last very long as starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

Calvin Johnson Tries to Gain an Unfair Advantage

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    I'd like to say one thing about this glitch: If Calvin Johnson was able to catch the ball in bounds, he still wouldn't have scored the touchdown—not just because he was offsides, but also because he went out of bounds and came back in as the first player to touch the ball, which is illegal. 

    Either way, this is a great Madden glitch. 

The Mob of Vikings Can't Get out of Their Own Way

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    One question: Where are the other 10 Packers? 

    One comment: The music in this video is putrid. 

Rex Grossman Absorbs the Football

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    This seems like it would hurt, don't you think?

    I wouldn't want a football to be absorbed into me and then forced out my back end. 

I'm Speechless

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    What just happened?

    Miles Austin just felt the need of doing a nice slide in the mud. No big deal. 

No One Can Get the Ball!

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    Fight for it! Keep fighting! Eventually someone will get the ball. 

    I just love how the quarterback is still in his stance like nothing is going on. 

BONUS SLIDE: Greg Jennings Breaks His Leg

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    How could I forget this one? 

    The commentary alone in this video makes it an immediate class Madden glitch.