WWE No Way Out 2012: 7 Reasons Why John Cena Will Beat Big Show

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIJune 13, 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012: 7 Reasons Why John Cena Will Beat Big Show

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    Though the chips are heavily stacked against him, John Cena still possesses a solid chance of defeating The Big Show at No Way Out next Sunday.

    The two will finally meet in a cage match after weeks of back and forth aggression.

    Big Show has Raw and SmackDown general manager Mr. John Laurinaitis on his side, but Cena might just have Vince McMahon himself in his corner.

    Lest we forget, Johnny Ace is fired if Show loses.

    Show is a beast with upper management support; McMahon isn't trustworthy, and there's a job on the line. It seems clear Show will win.

    Or does it?

    John Cena's going to win on June 17. Here are seven reasons why.

John Cena's Taken Enough Punishment

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    Let's go back to WrestleMania.

    John Cena—face of the WWE—tangled with The Rock—former face of the company—on the biggest stage of the year.

    Cena lost.

    The next night, Brock Lesnar delivered an F5 on Cena.

    The two met at Extreme Rules, and though Cena won, he was systematically dismantled. In the days that followed, Cena would be further injured at the hands of John Laurinaitis and Tensai.

    Right when Cena had Johnny Ace where he wanted him, The Big Show knocked Cena out cold to save Laurinaitis' day.

    Since then, Cena's been attacked by Show and Tensai several more times.

    Even with a win over Lesnar, Cena's been down awhile.

    It's time he wins the upper hand.

There's No One Better to Stop the Big Show Than John Cena

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    Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, combined, couldn't stop The Big Show.

    If they can't, who can?

    There's no one better to defeat The Big Show right now than John Cena. Each of the champions have their feuds. Big man Kane is chasing a title, and, equally, big Clay couldn't do it.

    It's going to have to be someone "super" you could say.

    Insert John Cena—nicknamed "SuperCena."

There's No One Better to End "People Power"

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    There are a few people who are perfect for feuding with John Laurinaitis.

    CM Punk and Sheamus come to mind, but they're both champions and have a lot to lose. They're also currently in better feuds.

    John Cena has nothing to lose.

    He's also the face of the company, so naturally a feud with management is perfect.

    Besides, there's nothing better than sticking it to the man. In this case, JL is the man. Cena represents the everyday employee.

    He has to stick it to JL (management) on behalf of the entire WWE Universe.

    It's a move that will win even more fans over—maybe even some of those haters.

Cena Lost at the Last PPV

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    Not only did John Cena lose at last month's pay-per-view, he lost to John Laurinaitis.

    That's embarrassing.

    Would WWE creative really make Cena lose in back-to-back PPVs to the duo of JL and The Big Show?

    I have my doubts.

Revenge Factor

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    The last four slides have built up to this one: John Cena has the revenge factor on his side.

    First, he's taken a lot of punishment.

    Second, it's been at the hands of John Laurinaitis and The Big Show—both of whom have constantly assaulted him in surprise attacks.

    Third, he lost last month.

    So not only is he due for a win based on losses, he's due for some much needed revenge.

Fans Aren't Buying Big Show as a Main Event Winner

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    This slide is based off the assumption that John Cena versus The Big Show will be No Way Out's main event.

    Whether it's because fans are bored with Show or saw his heel turn coming too easily, many, like me, are just not buying into this run.

    In a previous article, I argued Show deserved another run at the top. The majority of the comments were definitively against such a move, stating Show was "boring, ridiculous and needed to retire."

    Fast forward and he's being asked to main event No Way Out over a match featuring CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane for the WWE Championship.

    Not only is he going to headline over better wrestlers battling for the most important belt in the company, he's going to do so against the face of WWE, John Cena.

    That's lofty.

    I understand the idea of keeping Show's momentum as a monster going. Plus, it makes sense for John Laurinaitis to keep his job, and there is no better PPV than this to allow Show a win.

    Even through all that, Show winning makes little sense.

    There's ways around each of those points. How you ask?

    Keep reading.

A Win for Cena Still Progresses the Story Even Better

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    I'm telling you right now, even if John Cena wins at No Way Out, John Laurinaitis is not losing his job. Why not? Because of one man.

    Vince McMahon.

    McMahon does not play the face card well. He's a natural heel we love to hate.

    So wouldn't he screw Cena?

    It's definitely plausible—heck, it's likely even probable.

    But with all the factors I listed in place, there's still reason to crown Cena the winner while continuing this feud and story. Here's how:

    Big Johnny interferes; McMahon "attempts" to stop him but pulls a typical McMahon and tries to screw Cena over instead. He fails and hits Big Show (evening out things for when Show hit McMahon too), thus causing Cena to win.

    The next night on Monday Night Raw, McMahon proves he's a liar and keeps JL on the staff—maybe even kayfabe promotes him—with some sham excuse about hating on Cena for being the face of the brand.

    Now we have a better Steve Austin versus McMahon 2.0 than Cena versus Laurinaitis could have been, an excuse for a rematch, a better outcome and JL keeps his job.