Power Ranking Our 25 Ideal College Football National Championship Matchups

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IJune 13, 2012

Power Ranking Our 25 Ideal College Football National Championship Matchups

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    When a season continues to seem like an eternity away from starting, college football fans minds can begin to wander and allow them to wonder how this season will truly go.

    Fans will wonder if their team can beat their hated rival, win their conference title or even head to the national championship.

    The great part about the start of the season is it feels like every team has a chance of making their fans dreams come true. 

    As we sit and wait for the season to begin, here are 25 matchups that would make for an outstanding national championship game.

No. 25: Arkansas vs Notre Dame

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    In the first matchup that would be outstanding to see would feature Arkansas against Notre Dame. Arkansas faced the roadblocks of LSU and Alabama last year, but the Razorbacks have to manage their way past them this year.

    Notre Dame returning to prominence would spark a wildfire around the nation and would have the hype machine working overtime for the Irish.

No. 24: TCU vs Boise State

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    This may either be a dream or a nightmare, depends on who you are asking. The reality is, if TCU made it this far, the Horned Frogs would have earned their keep as they are now playing in the Big 12. 

    While it may not be what a lot of people want, it would be great to see these two teams who have battled for this chance go head to head. 

No. 23: Oklahoma vs Boise State

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    In 2007, Boise State and Oklahoma met in the Fiesta Bowl, and it was the game that marked the birth of the Broncos on the national scene.

    Since that game, Sooner fans have been praying for another shot at the Broncos, so why not give them one with everything on the line?

No. 22: Boise State vs Oregon

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    In 2008, Boise State came into Autzen Stadium and delivered severely cheap shots that had the Ducks fired up heading into their game in 2009. In 2009, the Ducks were the one delivering the late hit as LeGarrette Blount leveled a Boise player after the game. 

    If the two were to meet up in the national title game, the story line would already be written. 

No. 21: Alabama vs Clemson

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    If the Tide are able to find a way to overcome the extreme losses that they suffered like they seem to do every year, then there is no reason to believe that Nick Saban cannot guide them back to the national title game. 

    On the other side, Clemson has to find a way to finish the year off strong, and if the Tigers do, a matchup with Alabama would be one that everyone would be talking about.

No. 20: Texas vs LSU

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    Having Texas in the national championship would signal that the Longhorns are back and are a force to be reckoned with. 

    In 2012, LSU is a team that is expected to have another strong showing, and a national title game against Texas could help the Tigers get the taste of defeat out of their mouths from last year. 

No. 19: Florida vs Michigan

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    Florida and Michigan are two former national powers that have not been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Both teams have extremely passionate fanbases, and if they were able to make it to the national title game, both sets of fans would be going crazy. 

No. 18: USC vs Florida State

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    For the past couple of years, the Seminoles have appeared to be on the brink of making it to the national title but have continued to come up short on preseason expectations. 

    If the Seminoles were able to rise to the challenge and meet up with the Trojans in this year's national title game, it may be one of the most watched national title games in a while now.

No. 17: Texas vs Alabama

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    Since Colt McCoy got injured on the first drive of the 2009 BCS National Championship Game, Texas fans have been left wondering "what if?" With a rematch against the Tide, the Longhorns would have a shot at redeeming that tough loss. 

No. 16: West Virginia vs Oregon

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    If you are looking for offense, then look no further than a game between Oregon and West Virginia. These two teams have extremely explosive offenses and both are capable of putting up over 50 points. 

    The difference may come down to the abilities of the Oregon defense. 

No. 15: Georgia vs USC

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    Georgia was one of the hottest teams last year, as it managed to turn around a 0-2 start and finish the regular season at 10-2. USC was also a team that received a lot of national attention as the season drew to a close, so if the Trojans could continue that into this season, this would be a great matchup.

No. 14: LSU vs Michigan

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    For Michigan to make it to the national title game, it would likely have to get through its season opener with Alabama. If the Wolverines are able to do that, a game against LSU could put a cap on one of the greatest seasons in Michigan football history. 

No. 13: Boise State vs USC

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    Fans of anyone but Boise State would likely want to see this game because it would put to bed the idea of a team like Boise State going to the national championship.

    For years, the Broncos and other teams have been clamoring for a shot at the national title, and this would finally give them that chance. 

No. 12: Florida State vs Notre Dame

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    A game between Florida State and Notre Dame would bring two of the most popular programs back to the main stage.

    In this game, the hype that would surround this game would surpass any game that we have seen in recent history and take the winner to the next level.

No. 11: USC vs Clemson

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    In this game, two outstanding quarterbacks would be going head to head. During this game, the difference may come down to the experience of Matt Barkley. With Barkley finishing up his final year, he may best Tajh Boyd in this game. 

No. 10: Alabama vs Oregon

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    In a game between Oregon and Alabama you have a game that features tradition versus innovation. Alabama would certainly bring the SEC speed and strength, and it would be interesting to see if the third time against the SEC would be the charm for the Ducks. 

No. 9: Clemson vs Arkansas

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    Another game that certainly would not lack points is a showdown between Clemson and Arkansas. With Tyler Wilson at quarterback for Arkansas and Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins on the other side of the field, these two teams would put on quite a show. 

No. 8: Georgia vs Oklahoma

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    If Georgia showed up in the national title game, then you know the Bulldogs are for real this year. Georgia has a very strong offense and a defense that can help close the door on most games.

    On the other hand, Oklahoma certainly does not lack talent on either side of the field, and a matchup between these two teams could go back and forth with special teams making the difference.

No. 7: Arkansas vs Oregon

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    If you are looking for a game that will center around offense, then watching a national title game between Arkansas and Oregon would be the game for you.

    Between the passing attack of Tyler Wilson and the running back of the Ducks, this would be an outstanding offensive matchup. 

No. 6: USC vs West Virginia

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    Welcome back to the main stage as USC is back from a postseason ban and puts itself in the national championship. 

    With a strong offense like the Trojans bring to the table, West Virginia being on the other side of the field would give us an offensive shootout. 

No. 5: Alabama vs Notre Dame

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    If you are looking for a game between two historically strong teams, this is the game for you. Along with Alabama being back to their second straight national title game appearance, imagine the hype and buzz that would surround this game if the Irish were in the picture. 

No. 4: Oregon vs Oklahoma

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    Since Oregon blocked a last-second field-goal attempt by Oklahoma, the Sooners and their fans have been pissed and would love to exact some revenge on the Ducks for one of the worst officiated game in recent history. 

    Along with the back story, this game would be a high-scoring event that would certainly get people interested the whole way through. 

No. 3: Alabama vs Oklahoma

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    In a twist of fate, this game would find Alabama back in the national title game and taking on another storied program, the Sooners.

    With these two teams going up against each other, we would see a clash of a strong offense by the Sooners and a great Alabama defense. The difference may be the loss of talent that the Tide had this past spring. 

No. 2: Oregon vs LSU

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    When Oregon had only one loss and the debate began about what team with one loss would meet up with LSU in the national title game, many looked at Oregon despite having played LSU in the opening week of the season.

    With the time to be in rhythm and having all season to gel as a team, it would be interesting to see how these two teams would fare against each other. 

No. 1: USC vs LSU

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    In this matchup, the college football world would get to see the return of USC versus a LSU team looking for redemption.

    Last year LSU lost to Alabama in the national title game and USC is foaming at the mouth to return to postseason play. This would be an outstanding matchup that would feature talent all over the field.