The Montreal Canadiens Are In Survival Mode

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst IFebruary 9, 2009

The Montreal Canadiens start a six-game road trip tonight. In my opinion this road trip is a crucial one. For the players and for Guy Carbonneau.

Why is it crucial you ask? If the Habs play well during this road trip, that means whatever that was bothering the players is over and they are playing as one once again.

Everybody's happy and everybody keeps their jobs.

But if they decide to play like they did on Saturday, some might find themselves with a new home address.

Guy Carbonneau 

Does he still have the control of the dressing room? Some will argue yes, while others will say this road trip will determine his fate. What do you think?

The Habs are fifth right now with 64 points, but the Sabres are seventh with 62 points.

What are the options for GM Bob Gainey in a worse case scenario?

Right now, one thing the Canadiens don't have is time. Every single game is important. The mission for this centennial season is not to win the Stanley Cup, but most importantly to make the playoffs.