Cleveland Cavaliers Come Up Short with Offer for No. 1: Analyzing the Attempt

Alec Kretch@@aleckretchCorrespondent IJune 11, 2012

Cleveland Cavaliers Come Up Short with Offer for No. 1: Analyzing the Attempt

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    It doesn't hurt to try.

    According to Chad Ford of ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers offered their bundle of draft selections—the fourth, 24th, 32nd and 33rd overall selections—in exchange for the No. 1 pick from New Orleans and the rights to Anthony Davis.

    While the offer isn't terrible, the Hornets were wise to decline. Davis is the only franchise player the 2012 NBA draft class has to offer, and the team could desperately use him to give a quick boost to their rebuilding project.

    The Cavs, on the other hand, were looking to hit a home run here. Pairing the Kentucky stud forward next to Kyrie Irving could have very well been the start of a dynasty in Cleveland.

    But it's time to stop dreaming and realize that this dynamic duo isn't going to be happening any time soon.

    The attempt in itself, however, teaches us some things about the Cavs.

1. They Value Quality over Quantity

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    It's not often that we see a team try to package four draft picks in exchange for one. But the Cavs just did, proving they are much more concerned about adding quality over quantity at this stage of their rebuilding process.

    While this deal didn't come to fruition, it could lead the way to others.

    The Cavs will eventually finalize a big board, and once they do, don't be surprised if they make an attempt to swap picks with Charlotte (No. 2) or Washington (No. 3)—using the 24th as bait—to secure their target.

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bradley Beal are two likely options should they take this route.

2. They Will Be Aggressive

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    In addition to this reported deal, there have been rumblings of the Cavs working on trades with Charlotte and Portland.

    With an ownership group that is willing to spend money, it is likely that the Cavs will try be extremely active in pulling off some draft-day moves.

    The aggressiveness will continue throughout the course of the offseason as well. Expect to hear Cleveland linked with many more trade scenarios and also to be in the running for quite a few free agents.

3. They Aren't Willing to Part with Young Pieces

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    It's interesting that the Cavs would attempt to trade for a player of Anthony Davis' caliber without including any of their current young players in the offer.

    Of course, Irving isn't going anywhere, but neither Tristan Thompson nor Alonzo Gee have been mentioned in any potential deals yet.

    Not to say they wouldn't trade one of them if the right move comes along, but to me, this shows that the team believes in a stable, long-term plan. They want to establish their core group of players and keep them together for an extended period of time to develop chemistry with each other.