3 WWE Faces Who Desperately Need a Heel Turn

Nathan Giese@@gieseflysouthSenior Analyst IIJune 12, 2012

3 WWE Faces Who Desperately Need a Heel Turn

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    The WWE is floundering right now.

    Overall, the product has lost the attention of fans, who are looking for the next big angle for the summer. That is especially true considering the incredible stories we were given in 2010 and 2011. There was the Nexus invasion, followed by the CM Punk work-shoot and subsequent electric feud with John Cena over sole ownership of the WWE Championship.

    Right now, there are a number of problems with proper story-building. It's being highlighted by Brock Lesnar and his apparent backstage issues and UFC appearance. Because of this, Big Show has returned to his monster-heel persona in order to poke a little fun at Lesnar during his absence.

    We are also relegated to multiple job evaluations for John Laurinitis, all of which have yet to amount to anything other than false hope for those who hate seeing him on their television screens each week.

    With that being said, one way to make some big stories would be character changes for a number of superstars.

    Surely, there are plenty of heels at this point in time, but sometimes all it takes is for a face to change his  persona in order to set up some great feuds and even better stories.

    Here are three superstars who could elevate the WWE product by turning heel in the near future.


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    Goldberg...er...I mean..Ryback...has spent his current run dominating men who are not even signed wrestlers. Rather, he is destroying "local talent."  Also, he is doing all of this while hearing chants of "Goldberg" from the crowd throughout the entire match.

    Realistically speaking, Ryback may not necessarily even be a face since he has yet to face an established superstar with the label of face or heel. But it would appear he is a face because the "local talent" spend time on the microphone trying to get the crowd against them by annoying them, causing the audience to be excited they are about to be demolished.

    Ryback hasn't done a whole lot of anything since his emergence as the cyborg-like wrestler. If he is going to be pushed strong, and knowing Vince McMahon's track record he will be, he needs to make a change for more people to care.

    By turning Ryback heel, he will finally be given the opportunity to wrestler with the paid talent as opposed to the free workers. Also, his matches will last longer than a minute-and-a-half, something good for everybody.

    SmackDown's roster is thin, so possibly a feud with Brodus Clay over Undefeated Streaks would do the job instead of, well, jobbers.

Sin Cara

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    For the sake of the potential Sin Cara-Rey Mysterio feud that has been planned for well over a year, Sin Cara needs to make a heel turn to set the wheels in motion.

    Sin Cara has just returned from the injury he sustained at Survivor Series and has shown some nice signs of improvement. His botches have either been cut down or are less noticeable.

    Since his debut in the WWE, Cara has been pushed to the moon: being featured on DVD and magazine covers, an extensive line of clothing on WWEShop.com and his own lighting for his matches.  All of this, mind you, is being done to push Sin Cara to the audience while he is still puttering around in the lower mid-card scene.

    However. as exciting as he sometimes may be, Sin Cara is still somewhat of an afterthought when it comes to big-name faces in the WWE. Turning him heel will not only make him relevant in the mid-card scene, but it would also elevate his game to new heights.

    Rey Mysterio will eventually return, and if they are going to have him feud with Sin Cara for the ultimate luchadore match, Sin Cara will have to be the heel. Mysterio has never been a heel and turning him suddenly toward the end of his career would be somewhat of a slap in the face to someone who has done so much for professional wrestling.

    Of course, we don't really know when, or even if, Mysterio will return. But when he does, his career will be on its last leg. His feud with Sin Cara could be one of his last. In order for any of that to work, a Sin Cara heel turn is a must.

Randy Orton

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    If there is one heel who could completely rejuvenate the depleting WWE, it's Randy Orton.

    Some people like to think that CM Punk has become stale as one of the higher faces in the WWE, but Orton has been there much longer than Punk and has maybe gotten too comfortable, or bored, with his current character state.

    Orton is famous for his aggressive, sometimes psychotic nature against his opponents. Unfortunately, he isn't necessarily able to be that same man while he is portrayed as the smiling, fun-loving Orton.

    On top of that, Orton's patented punt has been eliminated due to concussion issues, which takes away a finishing dagger for many of his heated opponents. While that may be a point against an Orton heel turn,  with Orton's ever-evolving maturity in the ring, he could easily come up with a different knockout blow to send a message as the bad guy.

    The last time we saw Orton, he RKO'd The Miz, then was suspended for 60 days two days later. Since he left TV on such an odd note, he could easily come back as a bad guy and start dominating the higher faces of the WWE such as John Cena, CM Punk and Sheamus.

    It may be difficult to get Orton over as a heel in the beginning. But there is no question he can pull it off again after his successful run that ended in 2010. Orton made his career out of being a heel, which is what made fans appreciate him in the first place. 

    It's time to return Orton to where he really hears voices in his head.