MLB: Red Sox sign closer Papelbon to one year deal

Kieran HaweAnalyst IMarch 7, 2008

The Boston Red Sox signed closer Jonathan Papelbon to a one year deal worth $775,000—which doubles Papelbon’s 2007 salary.

Papelbon was one of 18 Red Sox who agreed to a one year deal resulting in their entire roster being under contract.

Papelbon, who earned $425,550 last year, had 37 saves and a 1.85 ERA in 2007.

He also saved three of the four World Series games against the Colorado Rockies.

Papelbon is not happy with the offer, he feels as though he should be paid in line with other top closers.

"I feel a certain obligation not only to myself and my family to make the money that I deserve, but for the game of baseball. Mariano Rivera has been doing it for the past 10 years and with me coming up behind him I feel a certain obligation to do the same.”

Papelbon, who is 27, will be eligible for arbitration next year and will be looking for a big time raise.