WWE: Backstage News on the Future of John Laurinaitis' Job with the WWE

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IJune 11, 2012

It seems as though John Laurinaitis might need to change his trademark phrase of announcing his current positions within the WWE on television and his corporate roles behind the scenes.

Throughout his time as an on-screen authority figure, Laurinaitis has ad nauseam continued to mention his role of the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations for the WWE that fans drown him out with boos during his proclamation.

Here are the details from WrestlingInc.com on the future of Laurinaitis’ job as EVP of Talent Relations for the WWE since becoming a dominate character each and every week on television.

John Laurinaitis no longer officially serves as WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent Relations; his bio has been removed from the WWE Corporate website's index of executive officers.

With the return of Vince McMahon on tonight’s three hour Raw SuperShow to give Laurinaitis a performance review as general manager, it makes perfect sense that Johnny Ace will in some way keep his job tonight after the news today.

Even though being a bit dull a large portion of the time, Laurinaitis really can’t be removed as the main heel authority figure on Raw and Smackdown as there’s no other person to fill that role on the roster at this time.

Ultimately, Laurinaitis could possibly become a better character on screen in the coming weeks as he won’t have to split time between his office job and role on television.

With him being removed from his role on the corporate side of the WWE, do you think Laurinaitis will continue to be an on-screen character with his potential firing coming tonight from McMahon on Raw?



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