Tampa Bay Buccaneers Save the Day for Youth Football Teams

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IJune 11, 2012

Buccaneer fans can cheer the team's $11,000 donation.
Buccaneer fans can cheer the team's $11,000 donation.Craig Jones/Getty Images

While you're sizing up the battle between LeGarrette Blount and Doug Martin or wondering if the linebackers are really good enough, your Tampa Bay Buccaneers stepped up and did something that will once again make you proud to be a Bucs fan.

You may or may not have noticed that some dastardly cur or curs broke into the storage lockers for two Tampa area youth football teams last week. Those would be the Highland Pines Cougars and the Carrollwood Cardinals.

The bad guys made off with more than $10,000 worth of helmets, shoulder pads, footballs and the other things kids need to play tackle football.

The police have no suspects and the equipment is still gone.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came to the rescue and are donating $11,000 to the teams so that they can get some replacement gear.

Nice. In fact, more than nice.

The Bucs organization has assumed the identity of Greg Schiano's "Buccaneer Men."

Good for the Bucs. It's really penny-anty money for the club, but this was really a great thing to do.

As for the miscreants who stole the stuff—shame on you!