UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Live's Social Media Efforts Greatly Help Spotify

Michael HatamotoContributor IIIJune 11, 2012

Streaming music service Spotify might want to call the UFC to help in future marketing campaigns, with the No. 1 MMA promotion conducting the most successful Spotify effort ever, according to tech site Mashable.

The UFC asked fans to help pick the walkout music for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 live finale, which was won by Mike Chiesa. Neither company wanted to publicly disclose how many votes were cast, but Spotify mentioned it was “about four times as many votes as any previous campaign” hosted by Spotify.

“UFC and music are quite synonymous because of the walkout music,” according to Graham James, Spotify spokesman.  “They were going to fans where they live and breathe on Facebook and using music – a medium they could relate to.”

UFC President Dana White and the UFC utilize social media to help increase the company’s brand value and exposure, more than 8.7 million likes on the UFC Facebook page. The official UFC Twitter account has almost 650,000 followers, while Dana White’s Twitter account has more than two million followers.

White also frequently chats—and debates—with MMA fans courageous enough to attack him via the popular social networking site. He also sometimes makes public announcements via Twitter, giving fans firsthand knowledge of potential fights.

Spotify has held similar social efforts with Subaru, Gillette and Universal Pictures and will continue reaching out to corporate America. However, the music service may want to ping the UFC to host a similar effort in the future, after the great success of TUF Live.