LeBron James vs Kevin Durant: Most Interesting NBA Tattoos Part One: BR5

BR5Daily ShowJune 11, 2012

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Toronto Raptors Forward, Gary Forbes, stopped by to talk NBA tattoos with BR5.  Forbes has quite a few tattoos himself, and after a year in league, he was able to offer some great insight into the culture and meaning of a lot of tattoos around the league. For your benefit and ours, Gary Forbes provides his top 10 list of NBA tattoos.

Gary Forbes who has played in the league for the past few years has keen insight into what it means to get ink in the NBA. He touches on the current MVP, LeBron James. James has a tattoo that few people know about because it is covered by his jersey. He has his nickname permanently etched into his upper back.

Forbes also pointed out to us a tattoo that none of us had ever seen. Three-time scoring champion, Kevin Durant. Durant is known for his close ties with his family and hometown. He has a tattoo that exemplifies all those qualities. 

Kenyon Martin has one of the most recognizable tattoos with a pair of lips on his neck. He recently got the lips covered up and not it is a large crown instead. Martin broke up with his girlfriend so perhaps that is the reason why...

Finally, Forbes breaks down the Unstoppable Juggernaut tattoo on Wilson Chandler which is one of the coolest tattoos in the leagues. He ends on a personal note, talking about Al Harrington's tattoo who has his daughter's name on his neck.

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