WWE Raw: Why Has Vince McMahon Returned Now and What Will He Do?

Mark Pirie@markpirieCorrespondent IJune 11, 2012


The boss is back.

With the announcement of Vince McMahon's return to WWE TV on tonight's Raw, questions started to swirl around the WWE universe.

The first one being, why now?

It seems a strange time to bring McMahon back to TV. Over the past few months, John Laurinaitis has been built as the powerful heel leader of the WWE, who can destroy and build dreams of the superstars who work under him. Since Wrestlemania, we have seen him constantly try to destroy John Cena, but while motives may remain unclear, he has proven he has the power to do so.

So it seems like a strange time to bring back the real boss and undercut Laurinaitis's authority. This leads to questions about what McMahon will be doing on Raw.

A few months ago, we saw Vince McMahon sacked and replaced by Triple H as WWE's Chief Operating Officer. So, this would lead me to believe that he no longer has the power to sack Raw and Smackdown's General Manager.

As well as this, if Laurinaitis was to lose his job, it would poke a huge hole in the Cena/Big Show feud. If Laurinaitis is to be sacked, Cena already defeated Big Show before No Way Out has even began.

With that said, McMahon wouldn't be brought out for a minor or forgettable announcement.

This announcement should be for Stephanie McMahon's return. If Stephanie returned tonight, she could work in a face role watching over John Laurinaitis. Ultimately, this would lead to Big Jonny being replaced by Stephanie after the No Way Out PPV.

However, an interesting spin on this would be when Chris Jericho returns to have Stephanie turn heel and join with Jericho. The two have worked well together. They could screw over wrestlers like Cena and catapult Jericho back into the mainstream.

This would also work with a feud with CM Punk, with seeds already being planted at last year's Summerslam. However, another Punk/Jericho feud is unlikely given how recently these two were locked in a feud.

With tonight's Raw, the landscape of WWE could be set to change just in time for Raw's 1,000th show, and it would be exciting to have the McMahon name consistently on TV again.


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