WWE: Piper's Pit and 5 Interview Segments That Can Take WWE by Storm

The EndAnalyst IJune 11, 2012

WWE: Piper's Pit and 5 Interview Segments That Can Take WWE by Storm

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    Just when they think they've got the answers, I change the questions!

    "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. He was man who shocked the world on a regular basis. And a lot of the time, it was his mini-show that facilitated his rowdiness.

    Piper's Pit was an interview segment. But, it was not just an interview segment, it was an idea that would revolutionize interactions between superstars in professional wrestling.

    From Jimmy Snuka to Andre the Giant to The Haiti Kid to Steve Austin to John Cena—Piper interviewed them all on this iconic part of WWE programming. He left no stone unturned and no punch pulled in humiliating his guests. And the fans loved it.

    The Pit was such a success that it was emulated successfully by the likes of Butus "The Barber" Beefcake (The Barbershop), Chris Jericho (The Highlight Reel), Edge (Cutting Edge), Carlito (Carlito's Cabana) and Christian (The Peep Show), among others.

    With Monday Night Raw scheduled to go a full three hours in upcoming weeks, we will undoubtedly see an increase in non-wrestling segments. While WWE would be tempted to utilize "fart jokes" or pointless backstage segments involving Hornswoggle and/or Vickie Guerrero, it would be much better if they gave us more watchable interview segments instead.

    Here, I list five such interview segments that might actually entertain and not force the viewers to change the channel or take bathroom breaks.

R-Truth: Jammin' with Li'l Jimmy

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    R-Truth and his invisible sidekick Li'l Jimmy are funny—especially when somebody else tries to talk to Jimmy.

    So why not make it a regular segment?

    The set needs to have three chairs—one for Truth, one for the guest and a small one for Jimmy. R-Truth will, of course, confer with Jimmy before asking the questions.

    For further hilarity, Truth might occasionally ask the guest, "Why you lookin' at me? He asked you the question!" pointing to Jimmy's chair.

    And if it needs to get serious in a hurry, the guest needs only to kick aside Li'l Jimmy's chair, which will get R-Truth mad as a hatter.

Dolph Ziggler: Showtime with the Showoff

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    Ziggler needs to get rid of Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swaggerand fast.

    He also needs to pave a path for  his independent career.

    What better way than to give the "Showoff" his own show?

    On Showtime, Dolph will be the same arrogant showoff the fans either love or love to hate.

    But armed with his quick wit that has spawned a successful YouTube show in WWE Download, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Imagine Dolph interviewing his guest while doing the handstand. He would challenge the guest to do the same. Then he could remark with, "You must be wrong, because you can't showoff!"

Kane: The Burning Question

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    If you thought job interviews were scary, think again.

    No interview can be as scary as five minutes with the "Devil's Favorite Demon."

    The Burning Question is not about fun. It is about your soul being burnt by a monster. A big, red, monster.

    Your chances of returning from the interview in one piece don't look very good.

    With the entire arena in darkness and the ring lit red, this would be the most intimidating segment ever. Especially when you can hear Kane laughing at your answer.

    The burning question is this: Who would volunteer to be the guest?

Daniel Bryan: The Yes Show

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    "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

    I can already hear the chants on this one.

    Daniel Bryan grills his guests like a veggie dog, using the audience's "Yes!" chants as flames.

    He is arrogant, self-righteous and better than you. And he won't hesitate to tell it to your face.

    "Am I better than you?" "YES!"

    "Are you an idiot?" "YES!"

    "Will I make you tap out?" "YES!"

    The always-confrontational Bryan could make great use of any opportunity to run his opponents down. Why not give him his own show just to do it?

CM Punk: Pipebomb!

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    No chairs needed for this one.

    CM Punk will sit cross-legged on the entrance stage and interview his opponents, using the mic for what it is best—dropping the Pipebomb!

    When somebody is as good with his controversial oratory as Punk, he should be entitled to his own show.

    And he shouldn't be held back too much in saying the things he wants to say.

    While this would be extremely successful with a heel Punk, it can still work when he is a face, especially when he brings his WWE Championship (hopefully a new belt) with him and places it on a pedestal before the interview.

    With the interview conducted on the stage instead of the ring, it can lead to much more variation in things, such as outside interference and the disintegration of the interview into a brawl.


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    Thank you for reading this article on possible interview segments the WWE can use.

    Please leave your feedback and any ideas regarding such segments in the comments section below.

    I leave you with the iconic Piper's Pit with Jimmy Snuka.