WWE Opinion: Why the WWE Needs to Bring Back Hardcore Wrestling

Shea Haney@SheaH4Correspondent IIIJune 11, 2012


One of the many victims of the “PG Era” in wresting, other than ratings, is the prevalence of hardcore wrestling. The style of hardcore wrestling I am referring to is the kind that the likes of Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer and the rest of ECW made famous. This wrestling included blood, brawls, barb wire and chair shots.

I’ll let you take a moment to remember the good ol' days. Oh, and this style of wrestling can be seen on the WWE’s new ECW DVD, ECW Unleashed Vol. 1. The DVD is worth the $20.00.

The WWE in today’s world is a kinder and gentler promotion, as we all know. The WWE takes a stand against bullying and also takes a stand against chair shots to the head. Now, I am still a fan of the WWE, but why not shake things up? 

The WWE needs to recant on their lack of brawling in the ring. This will boost rating and interject life into their product. I am not saying every match needs to involve thumb tacks or tables on fire, but the fans need more than the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. The WWE can also use hardcore matches to hide their shallow roster depth. A good brawl would mix well with the technical CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan match.

Remember how the John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar match went? It was a very entertaining and realistic brawl. There was blood, and parents around the world were in shock (sarcasm), but the majority of fans probably relished the fight.

This should be a common occurrence. 

If the current roster doesn’t want to put themselves in “danger” for the sake of wrestling, then the WWE should find wrestlers who are willing to do that. Their job is to entertain the fans while being involved in scripted violence. The keyword in that sentence is violence. 

If the WWE doesn’t want to bring back the hardcore style matches, then allow us some gimmicky matches. The WWE should bring back the likes of the ladder matches. This includes adding ladder matches back into their weekly television show. 

We all watch a program based on violence, so why does the WWE shy away from violence? I understand they want to market to children, but in this day and age, I think the WWE can ease up on the parental guidance and go back to their roots.

What do you think? Should the WWE allow more violence in their product? 


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