WWE No Way Out 2012 Preview: 13 Storylines That Need to Be Addressed

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistJune 12, 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012 Preview: 13 Storylines That Need to Be Addressed

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    No Way Out is just around the corner.  Before the pay-per-view starts, there are still a couple loose ends in the WWE Universe that still need to be addressed.

    What's going on with Tensai, for example?

    Or what is going through crazy AJ's head?

    No Way Out has some solid matches planned, such as the triple threat between Punk, Bryan and Kane.  Or even the match for the Intercontinental championship between Christian and Cody Rhodes.

    At the same time however, it seems as though the WWE is failing to address other championship belts. 

    Whats going on with the Divas title?

    Or what about Santino and his US title?

    These could have easily been other titles that the WWE could have involved in the No Way Out pay-per-view as well.

    As we move closer to No Way Out, here are 13 storylines that still need to be addressed.

Beth Phoenix vs. Layla

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    Let's start this list with a simpler story line.  Remember when Layla came back at Extreme Rules, went against Beth Phoenix Nikki Bella (thank you to Gus Hyxdey-Arno for pointing out my mistake) and won the Divas title?

    Then she would face Beth Phoenix at WWE Over the Limit?

    What happened to the feud between these two divas?

    For that matter, what happened to any story line surrounding the Divas title?

    We're only a week away from No Way Out and still no Divas match at the pay-per-view.

    Is the WWE done with the Layla/Beth Phoenix angle, or is there something else going on with the divas?

    Layla and Phoenix are two of the top Divas on the roster and the WWE needs to keep the story going between these two moving into No Way Out.

Ryback Actually Being Used in a Storyline

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    Let me be the first to say that I like Ryback.

    With that said, I feel bad that the WWE refuses to feed him.

    It's the same thing every week.  Two unknown wrestlers come out, talk about how they will be the two to defeat Ryback, and instead end up being embarrassed by the massive wrecking machine.

    Ryback shows us his strength, making quick work of both wrestlers.  He then lifts both wrestlers on his shoulders and parades them around the ring before finishing them off.

    It's getting old and stale.

    So why hasn't the WWE actually done anything with Ryback yet?  When will we get some type of story line for this man beast, or any real competition for that matter?

    No Way Out would have been the perfect pay-per-view to finally give Ryback a real match.

    Instead, as we move closer to No Way Out we are left wondering when Ryback will be used to his full potential.

Brodus Clay Never Called His Momma

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    Brodus Clay got beat down by the Big Show a couple weeks back, a beat down that we have yet to see the Funkasaurus suffer.

    He forgot to call his momma.

    After Brodus Clay got embarrassed by the Big Show, new questions arise about what is going on with the Funkasaurus' future.

    How could the WWE try to build up Clay by giving him squash matches for months, having him easily beat Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, and then have him get demolished by the Big Show?

    Not only that, Clay would be forced to stay on SmackDown because of how dangerous Big Show is.  When did Show actually become that dangerous?

    Now Clay is back to his usual squash matches, but we have to wonder if the story of the Funkasaurus is done, or if it is simply evolving.  Will we see a meaner side of Clay?  Will he continue to dance and have fun?

    It seems like the WWE took whatever steam they had building behind Clay and got rid of it all just to give the Big Show some type of unneeded push.

    Having Clay not even stand a chance against Show could have easily hurt his momentum more than it benefited Big Show's.

    Clay is similar to Ryback, in the sense that No Way Out could have been a great opportunity to finally give Clay a real match.  Instead, the WWE decided to have Clay go from squash matches, to being squashed, than back to squash matches with no clear future. 

    While the preshow match against David Otunga is better than not being on the card at all, that match will more than likely end up being a squash match.

    Regardless of how you feel about the Funkasaurus, one question stands out above the rest:

    What will the WWE decide to do next with Brodus Clay?

How Can Ziggler Win?

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    Dolph Ziggler has been given a huge opportunity.

    He has been given a chance to shine, and can hopefully take full advantage of it.

    Before winning the fatal four way match on RAW, the future was looking bleak for Ziggler.  With Orton getting suspended, Ziggler's storyline opponent was seemingly up in the air.

    Then Alberto Del Rio ended up with a concussion, and Ziggler was able to replace him at No Way Out.

    Someone from WWE creative clearly saw the potential in Ziggler.

    However, they screwed up with the storyline.

    Last week on RAW we saw Sheamus manhandle Ziggler.  Then on SmackDown we saw Christian beat the Show Off.

    How are we suppose to believe now, that going into No Way Out, Ziggler stands a chance against Sheamus?

    Something needs to happen between Ziggler and Sheamus before No Way Out.  something that could make it seem like Ziggler can stand a chance.

    If not, don't be surprised to see the Great White make short work of Ziggler.

Santino Marella and the US Title

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    I get it, some people like Santino Marella.  He's fun, goofy, and a halfway decent wrestler when he isn't acting like an idiot in the ring.

    That doesn't mean he should be US champion.

    Santino as the US champ is little more than a joke.  It's not all Marella's fault, but mostly how the WWE handles the championship.

    As we move closer to No Way Out, you have to wonder if the WWE will ever do anything legitimate with the US title.  Why not put Santino in a feud or storyline with someone else over the title?

    If he is enough of a fan favorite to be given the belt in the first place, why isn't he also booked on pay-per-views to defend it?

    It's sad when the guy who holds the US title seems more like a place holder than an actual champion.

    It wouldn't be half as bad as it currently is, but the fact that Santino remains the US champion, and has had no one really challenge him for it is inexcusable.

    Compare it to the feud going around the Intercontinental championship for example.  Moving into No Way Out, we have a solid match between Christian and Cody Rhodes. 

    A story that has been building since Over the Limit.

    Why then is the US title being neglected?  When will we see Santino defend his championship?

Is Tensai a Dud?

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    This is one WWE wrestler whose story seems to be getting worse.

    When Tensai first debuted, he was set up to be some kind of destructive foreign force.

    As time progressed though, we have seen Tensai lose the Japanese helmet and robe, but still come out with his assistant Sakamoto.

    Still we have to ask ourselves, what is Tensai's point?  Does he have some type of motive, or is he just a hired gun for John Laurinaitis to call when he needs to have someone beat up?

    Tensai's problems unfortunately go far beyond the fact that he lacks a form of motivation.  For a month before his debut, we would see the promos and wonder when the monster would appear.  When he finally did debut, he would dominate the competition, similar to what Ryback and Brodus Clay do now.

    However he would recently lose on RAW to John Cena.  This is devastating to the Tensai character.  Didn't he, if anything, come back to face against the top talent on RAW?  Doesn't Laurinaitis use him to beat the top wrestlers?

    Then this week on RAW Tensai would lose to Sheamus.  He would viciously attack Sakamoto, which raises new questions of if the Japanese lord gimmick is over.  It also makes Tensai look extremely weak.

    What point does he have now that he has lost cleanly to John Cena and Sheamus?

    Tensai could have easily been where the Big Show is now; in fact its easy to argue that he should be.

    Instead he is left defeated, and after months since his debut, still lacking any real story within the WWE.

The Miz Who?

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    The Miz is one WWE wrestler I actually feel bad for.

    He went from WWE Champion to barely being a jobber.

    However, we see Miz enough on TV to wonder what the WWE plans to do with him.  Will he remain a punching bag, or will he actually be used as a wrestler?

    The last time we saw Miz was on RAW when he faced off against Christian.  Miz would lose but would remain in the ring.  He would question where his championship match was.

    He has a point.

    Did the Miz not play a big part in Team Johnny winning at WrestleMania 28?

    Why is a wrestler who can clearly play the heel role well being buried?

    The Miz appears enough on TV to make us wonder what the WWE will do with the former champion.

The Tag Team Titles

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    The issue with the Tag Team titles is similar to the US title.

    Kingston and Truth are little more than place holders for a tag team championship that has declined drastically over recent years.

    That added with the recent rumors going around that R-Truth may have done something to his foot, bring to question why the WWE isn't taking this opportunity to give the tag team titles to someone else.

    To explain Truth's absence, we recently had Big Show knock him out on RAW, putting him out of commission.  Why then do they still hold the titles?

    And what's with Kofi Kingston and his tag team partners?  First Evan Bourne has issues once they become tag team champions, and now it looks like Truth may need to be shelved for a bit.

    No Way Out could have been used as a quick way to drop the titles. Why not take a handful of tag teams and make them battle for the belts?

    Now we have to wonder if the WWE will pull the plug on Kingston and Truth as Tag Team champions or if they will keep the titles on them until Truth can get back in the ring.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks Are One and Done?

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    We first saw Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins storm the ring and go after John Cena a couple weeks back on RAW.  They were lumberjacks during the lumberjack match that same night.

    Could Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins be aligned with John Laurinaitis?

    We then saw Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins in a match on RAW last week against Kingston and Truth.

    The question now needs to be asked; are Hawkins and Reks one and done?

    Will they appear again on RAW in the future?

    They clearly support John Laurinaitis, wearing shirts with his people power logo on them, but how much will they actually play into the story?

    Will they have some role at No Way Out to help Big Show beat Cena?

    Or are they simply some type of filler?

    With the potential for R-Truth being out with a foot injury, it seems awkward how the WWE isn't pushing the titles on Reks and Hawkins.  Since they seem to be aligned with Laurinaitis, why not give these two the titles while Truth is out?

    With Laurinaitis backing them, they could make a legitimate heel tag team. 

    What will happen with Reks and Hawkins?  Are they really aligned with Laurinaitis?  Will we see them more on RAW now?

    Or will they fade back into the NXT mist?

Kane Is Pretty Sexy, but AJ Seems Confused

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    Maybe it's the mask, or the black outfit with the red stitching all over it.  Whatever it is AJ seems to have a thing for the sexy big red monster.

    Either that or she is clearly confused.

    What's really going on with AJ?  It seemed at first that she was crazy over CM Punk, wearing his shirt and stalking him worse than girls stalk Ziggler on twitter.

    Now with Kane thrown into the mix, we see AJ batting her pretty eyes at Kane, stopping the big red monster in his tracks. She believes Kane has a heart.

    Anyone who lights good ol' JR on fire clearly has no heart.

    Prior to Kane being introduced into the Bryan/Punk match at No Way Out, it was clear what role AJ would play. 

    She would either be involved some way in helping Punk hold onto the WWE championship, or show us all that it was simply an act, and show her loyalty to Daniel Bryan and help him win the championship.

    Then Kane was thrown into the mix.  At first it seemed as though Kane was added in simply to make it a triple threat.  Now we see that AJ is either trying to trick the Big Red Machine, or she actually has feelings for him.

    Going into No Way Out, this is one storyline that will leave heads spinning.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar

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    Well, what can really be said about this storyline that the WWE threw at us? 

    It was a great concept, but as of now, it is slowly fading away.

    Sure, a couple months ago it was pretty interesting to see Brock Lesnar return, and then even get into a wrestling ring against John Cena. 

    Whether you were a fan of that match or not, it still made RAW interesting for a couple of months.  Eventually, Brock would leave, but some momentum would carry over when Paul Heyman showed up, acting as Lesnar's lawyer.

    The storyline was a refreshing shot in the arm, and had kept RAW interesting for several weeks.

    However, it would seem as though it came to an end when Triple H would put his hands on Heyman, and the last thing we would know was that Heyman was suing both the WWE and Triple H.

    Then, as if it never happened at all, the whole Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman storyline disappeared.

    While we will more than likely see Brock back around time for SummerSlam, what about all the time in between his departure and his inevitable return?

    What's going on with Heyman also?  How serious are we supposed to believe his lawsuit against the WWE and Triple H actually means anything?  Now that Heyman has ceased to be in any storyline on RAW, we really have no idea how important his role will be in the future.

    The WWE should have still maintained some momentum from the Heyman/Lesnar angle to help setup the return of Brock at SummerSlam.

    Instead, they let the story angle sink, and left us wondering when we will hear from Heyman again.

Hey Triple H, How's That Arm?

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    We have to wonder what exactly is going on with Triple H.

    Yes, he had his arm broken by Brock Lesnar.

    Yes, he is getting sued by Paul Heyman.

    But other than that, we have heard little of The Game.  Why has Triple H seemingly disappeared after getting his arm broken?

    Why then are we waiting for No Way Out to finally hear from The Game?  Shouldn't this have come before the pay-per-view?

    The Game seems to be the only one who can stop Laurinaitis and put him in his place, yet we have seen nothing of Triple H.

    Isn't he higher up than Laurinaitis?  Wasn't he the one to stop the ridiculous contract Lesnar had?

    So why has the Game fallen so silent?  Surely he must see what's going on with Big Johnny, but why does the King of Kings choose to stay in the shadows?

    The angle with Triple H was one that was never fully explained.  At this point it is clear that Johnny Ace is out to get Cena.  Common sense would dictate that if Laurinaitis was trying to take out your top talent, you would stop him.

    Yet here we are, gearing up to see Big Show take on Cena in a steel cage at No Way Out.  Laurinaitis has pretty much done what he wants and Triple H sits idly by, letting him do as he pleases.

    We might hear what Triple H has to say about Heyman and Lesnar, but what about the actions of Laurinaitis?

The Big Show Still Isn't Scary

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    Monday Night Raw was really the last chance for the WWE to prove that the Big Show can actually win his match against Cena.

    They failed to do that.

    Putting Show in a steel cage against Kofi Kingston could have shown just how destructive Big Show really is.  Instead, it made him seem like he will end up losing.

    Show almost lost to Kofi.  How can we expect him to stand a chance against Cena then?

    This whole storyline with the Big Show was weak to begin with.

    We've already seen Cena battle Show, with Cena being the one who comes out on top.

    We've seen Big Show beat up wrestlers such as Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Ryder and Brodus Clay.

    This unfortunately doesn't make the man who we saw cry in the middle of the ring, all of a sudden seem unstoppable.

    Something else needed to be done to make Show come across as a real threat.

    That botched right hand that was delivered to Vince didn't help, either.  Even if it looked real, it was still an accident.  If anything, Show should now be worried about any consequences that may follow.

    Now that we know Kofi was almost able to beat him, Cena should have no problem putting Show in his place at No Way Out.