What If Chad "Ocho-Cinco" Johnson Had To Switch His Jersey Number?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 9, 2009

This might seem like an irrelevant question to most but I was sitting back and wondering what would happen if Chad Ocho-Cinco were to ever be traded to a team where a player already had rights to the number 85?

When Chad changed his name from "Johnson" to "Ocho-Cinco," I will admit, it seemed like a brilliant marketing strategy. Not only that but he managed to attract even more attention to himself and his Bengals team by giving columnists something entertaining to write about.

So how's this for something entertaining to ponder: What would happen if Chad Ocho-Cinco were traded to another team?

One would have to logically imagine that he would desire the right to wear the number 85 right off the bat. What if a another player already had the rights and was wearing number 85 before Chad got there?

How I would love to be a player like Greg Jennings and have Chad traded to my team. Could you imagine how much a player like Jennings (or any other player wearing number 85) could get out of Chad in return for giving the number up?

Before you say that would be stupid, think about how idiotic it would look for Chad to have his new last name "Ocho-Cinco" tailored to the back of his jersey and then read the number 82 right below it.

Even Chad would realize the stupidity of that situation.

So for Chad's sake, let's hope he's not traded anytime soon because I feel that he's the perfect fit in Cincinnati anyway.