FC Barcelona Transfers: 5 Reasons Gareth Bale Would Be a Camp Nou Superstar

Nathan JudahCorrespondent IJune 11, 2012

FC Barcelona Transfers: 5 Reasons Gareth Bale Would Be a Camp Nou Superstar

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    It looks an absolute certainty that there will be a new left-back at Camp Nou next season.

    Jordi Alba is the hot favourite to fill that spot. However, the speculation surrounding Gareth Bale refuses to go away.

    With Eric Abidal and Adriano seemingly set move on or take a seat on the bench, Bale could well be the man who could reignite the Catalans in their mission to regain both the Champions League and La Liga titles.

    Here are five reasons why he would be a huge hit in Spain...

5. Production

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    Quite simply put—the stats don't lie.

    Bale has increased his Premier League goals tally by 115 percent and 42 percent in successive seasons, and at just 22 years old, the Welsh international is only going to get better.

    Bale's two goals against Norwich in December prompted Harry Redknapp to admit only Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester City had the ability to prize the wing-back away from Spurs.

    His record this season was nothing short of outstanding—nine goals and 10 assists were a huge reason why Spurs got fourth.

    Bale finished with 15 goals in all competitions, but probably more importantly provided 16 assists.

    To put it into prospective, Abidal and Adriano combined for just one goal and six assists in 48 La Liga appearances this season. 

4. Adaptability

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    Not only is Bale one of the most outstanding prospects in European football, his adaptability makes him a hugely attractive prospect for Barcelona.

    With Barcelona desperately in need of a left-back, Bale can play in a number of positions depending on the tactics Vilanova would want to execute.

    There is a huge difference between playing left-back and wing-back. Bale not only has the ability to do both with equal efficiency, he is also an excellent left midfielder in his own right, which would be a huge plus—especially in European football

    Harry Redknapp also used Bale in central midfield, giving the youngster a free role to create havoc amongst opposition defences—and that's exactly what he did.

    Bale might have to join the back of the queue to compete for a central midfield spot, but nevertheless he would be a magnificent left-sided utility player if Barcelona were to acquire his talents.

3. Hunger

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    The worst possible outcome for Spurs was Chelsea winning the Champions League. Not only did it take away Tottenham's spot in next year's competition despite finishing fourth in the league, it also put huge question marks over the futures of both Bale and Luca Modric.

    Bale has spoken out about his desire for Champions League football, not just to participate but to challenge deeper into the competition.

    And with the 22-year-old representing Wales, it is safe to say that international honours will be extremely difficult to come by. 

    Many of the current Barcelona squad have won all there is to win in domestic football, and while their desire is still obviously there, it doesn't harm to introduce new blood with that hunger to win a first major trophy or championship—sometimes they are the players who will go that extra mile to get the job done.

    Gareth Bale epitomises that exact trait. 

2. Partnerships

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    Daniel Alves is widely considered to be one of the best right-backs in world football. He has given constant production since his signing from Sevilla four years ago.

    Each season he has provided double digit assists in La Liga. If you add Bale's production on the opposite flank, you will find few who will argue about a more deadly partnership.

    It will add yet another attacking threat to the side that perhaps wasn't there before, whilst still providing proficient defensive stability when necessary.

    It also helps to be admired and liked by potential new teammates. Cesc Fabregas's love was obvious from plentiful meetings against Arsenal and international antics while representing Spain in the World Cup.

    So it was refreshing when Alves himself recently gave Bale a ringing endorsement when asked about the wing-back's role in the side should he sign.

1. Passion

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    Bale might be one of the quieter footballers off the pitch, but the Welshman has certainly found his voice on it.

    The ex-Southampton man is a constant vocal motivator in the Spurs team despite his young age. Elite performance has produced renewed confidence, which will be a big hit at Camp Nou.

    It's essential to get the fans on your side, especially in Barcelona. Passion and desire are just as important as performance and talent—Bale provides all four.

    From a fan's perspective, a player who is prepared to run down lost causes and put his body on the line for the team is going to be a big favourite in Catalonia.

    Tito Vilanova announcing Gareth Bale as his first major signing would be a massive boost to everyone involved with FC Barcelona.