Detroit Lions Need Matt Stafford...Really?

Derek GlauchContributor IFebruary 9, 2009

Swartz, if you are reading this, listen to the fans and please don't take Matthew Stafford. You have too many other needs. Get Oher, Andre Smith, Jason Smith, or even Aaron Currey. Get one of these guys first, Laraunaitis with the second pick, and if you get lucky, Michael Johnson with second round No. 1.

I agree Stafford is an OK QB, but did you see his play against MSU in the bowl game this year? Well I did, and as I was watching him I thought to myself "This guy is a top QB this year? Really?"

The Lions need a QB, but what is the point of drafting one, him getting sacked 70 times next season then him not wanting to be here anymore and asking to get traded. I say build the O-Line first, D-Line second, and the rest of the D third. Then go out in next years draft and get an elite QB.