GSP: 5 WWE-Inspired Ideas to Bring Georges St-Pierre Back to the UFC

Cody Guinn@@CKissGuinnContributor IIIJune 15, 2012

GSP: 5 WWE-Inspired Ideas to Bring Georges St-Pierre Back to the UFC

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    This November, the UFC will feature one of the most anticipated returns in the sports history as UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre will return to the octagon.

    GSP is one of the most easy-going guys in the sport, and one thing is for certain: When he returns, St-Pierre will be looking to get right back to work and add on to his already impressive nine-fight winning streak.

    But, what if St-Pierre wanted to add a little style to his comeback? If that's so, that would most likely mean changing his walkout song or wearing a cool, new walkout t-shirt.

    Say that wasn't enough, and St-Pierre wanted to take his comeback to the next level—the WWE level. While it's not very likely and all these ideas have about a combined zero percent chance of happening, it's still fun to think about.

    With that said, here are five WWE inspired ways to bring UFC Welterweight Champion and one of the pound-for-pound fighters in the World Georges St-Pierre back to the UFC.

1. Rey Mysterio-Like Entrance

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    This first idea is all about the entrance. Canada is known to go crazy when a fighter/wrestler it likes comes out, and I don't think there is a more explosive entrance than this one of Rey Mysterio.

    GSP usually walks out to a cool, sometimes French rap song; therefore, he could probably get the artist to come to Montreal for UFC 152 and perform the song live and then...BOOM!

    St-Pierre and his heeled ACL fly through the air with some awesome pyro followed by GSP making his walk to the octagon.

2. George St-Pierre Turns Heel

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    Nothing says WWE like a good heel turn. Now, not everyone in America loves GSP, but in Canada—man, oh man, they love GSP!

    GSP walks out, Canadian flag in hand and then, well, pulls a Shawn Michaels.

    Uh, oh. 

3. Have "JR" Jim Ross Guest Commentate for George St-Pierre's Entrance

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    Don't get me wrong, I love Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan, and I feel there isn't a better duo commentating in any sport right now than these two.

    But, just imagine...

    Mike: "Condit in the cage and now it's time for the champion to make his return to the octagon."

    Joe: "I can't wait for this one, Mike."

    (GSP's music hits)

    JR: "Bah God!! It's George St-Pierre! George St-Pierre! George St-Pierre is back in the UFC! Bah God, King...I mean, Joe!"

4. Attacks Interim Champion Carlos Condit Backstage

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    Once again, nothing says professional wrestling and WWE like a good backstage attack. In this scenario, Condit is doing an interview with Ariel Helwani (or MMA Michael Cole).

    Helwani asks Condit how he feels about welcoming GSP back to the octagon, but before Condit can respond, St-Pierre attacks Condit from behind.

    St-Pierre executes a huge German suplex and acquires back mount. St-Pierre then lands a few flush hammer fist before locking in a rear-naked choke that puts the Interim Champion to sleep. 

    St-Pierre then stands up and signals for Helwani to come to him. St-Pierre grabs the mic and says, "Carlos, I was not impressed with your performance. That being said, Diaz won Rounds 1, 2, and 5."

    George St-Pierre then walks away. 

5. Interferes in Condit-Hendricks/Kampmann Bout to Take out Both Men

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    This one is my favorite because it combines WWE antics with a WWE-like storyline.

    So, about a month or so before the fight, GSP tells his camp to inform UFC officials that his knee doesn't feel quite right and he won't be ready to go for UFC 152.

    The UFC decides to not allow Condit to wait any longer; therefore, he faces Martin Kampmann or Johny Hendricks (Kampmann for this situation) for the Interim Welterweight Championship.

    Fight night arrives, and both Condit and Kampmann are getting ready for one of the biggest fights in their respective careers. They walk out to the octagon and prepare for their rematch from way back in 2009. 

    Both men battle for two rounds when in the middle of Round 3...GSP opens the cage door and attacks both Condit and Kampmann.

    St-Pierre hits Kampmann with a huge superman punch with his hand wrapped with a gold chain! Then, in a shocking turn of events, GSP brings a table into the octagon.

    St-Pierre then delivers a beautiful double-leg takedown right through the table ("Bah god, the wreckage!" says JR.)

    Okay, so we went a little crazy, but that's okay. Either way, George St-Pierre is back.

    So, whether it's just staying healthy and fighting Condit at UFC 152 or it's faking an injury so he can attack Kampmann with a chain and put Condit through a table, we're glad to have one of the best fighters in the World back in the UFC.