French Open 2012: 4 Reasons Roger Federer Proved He's Ready for Summer Games

Amit BatraCorrespondent IIIJune 10, 2012

French Open 2012: 4 Reasons Roger Federer Proved He's Ready for Summer Games

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    Roger Federer has done almost everything the sport of tennis has to offer.  He has won every major, numerous Masters Series titles and even gold in the Olympics with fellow Swiss Stan Wawrinka. 

    One thing Federer hasn't captured, however, is gold in singles competition at the Olympics.  In the 2012 London Olympics, Federer can win the one thing he lacks in his Hall of Fame resume.

    The Swiss maestro really doesn't need to prove himself too much more in this sport, but winning such an event can put Federer in the history books as greatest ever.

    This recent French Open served a tough task for Federer.  His favorite surface isn't clay by any means, and Novak Djokovic defeated him in straight sets. 

    Despite the unforced errors, Federer has proven that he's ready for the Olympics. 

Federer Proved He Can Face Adversity

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    Coming back from being down two sets is no easy task—not even for the Swiss maestro.  Federer achieved such a feat against Juan Martin Del Potro in the quarters at the French Open.

    When Federer is in tough situations, he is capable of folding.  Del Potro took it to the 16-time Grand Slam champion in their encounter.  Federer was able to bounce back and play his game.  Maintaining his composure will be key for the Olympics.

    While Federer did have an unusual amount of unforced errors at the French Open this year, he still battled adversity throughout the tournament and made yet another semi appearance. 

The Grass Courts Are Awaiting

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    The London Olympics will be played at the All England Club, also known as Wimbledon.  The grass courts are known to be Federer's favorite surface.

    Federer's record is rather impressive on the grass courts.  He has won six Wimbledon Grand Slams, going 59-7 in the process.  Arguably the only one to have given Fed trouble at Wimbledon has been Rafael Nadal.

    Besides Federer's impressive Wimbledon statistic, the Swiss has gone 102-15 on grass.  He has won over 85 percent of his matches on the surface. 

    Federer should be excited to go back to the grass on which he's had much success. 

Health and Confidence Are There

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    While guys like Andy Murray are battling injuries, Federer remains healthy and confident in every tournament.  Through smart scheduling, the Swiss has been able to play in all Grand Slams and big-time tournaments. 

    Federer isn't given nearly as much credit for his fitness and mental toughness as he should. 

    He's an underrated mover and when he's striking the ball cleanly, he will be tough for the top players of the world.

Consistent Serving/Ground Strokes

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    Federer lives and dies with the serve.  Against top players, the tennis legend must have strong serving days.  This means a high first-serve percentage and quick points.

    While Federer has struggled with ground strokes in some matches, he still has the ability to strike the ball with force and accuracy.  Back in his dominant days, Federer was able to strike the ball with ease and had the ability to hit lines. 

    Things aren't as easy anymore.  Federer needs to have quick points in the Olympics for a chance at gold. 

    This means a serve-and-forehand combination.  This has worked for Federer in the past.  He must be aggressive.

    Opponents will attempt to attack Fed's backhand.  It's the smart way of playing against the Swiss. 

    Consistency will be key.