Fear the Best Figher

dexterjames cavadaContributor IFebruary 9, 2009

The MMA has the best fighters.

This sentence is not negotiable in any way, if you are a really good boxer try going to UFC and see what happens. But there is one man on the Octagon which we all knew. He's parent where killed by ninjas when he was still little. So he grew up with his grandfather.

He swore revenge to the ninja clan that killed his parents. He worked late hours in a a cargo ship so that he can have enough money for martial arts lessons. And so he did.

At age 16 he mastered the art of Gutisutsu or as what the Chinese call "Death by aroma" He killed a pack of wolves using this technique. The secret is still unknown because only two man have ever mastered this style him and Chuck Norris.

Mr. T came close but he's style of pitying of fools was known to be the best martial arts style of all time. 

This man's name is Fezy Glar, his enemies call him fear. his friends call him ? He has no friends! He soon mastered all the styles of martial arts. At the age of 20 he realized that all the ninjas are in Japan what happened next was later called the bombing of Hiroshima. It was not a nuclear bomb that destroyed Japan but Fear. He ended World Ear 2. Look it up...

At the age of 40 he was at peace with himself He no longer wants violence but he soon found out that it was not the ninjas who killed his parents but it was his late grandfather who was the first ninja. Hes name was Tom Cruise. He was also the last samurai. Too bad for him tom Cruise is already dead. At least his career is. And so fear went on to the UFC and changed his name to Randy "The Natural" Couture.