Pacquiao vs Bradley: Promoter Bob Arum Says Bradley Even Thought He Lost

Ryan BothmannSenior Analyst IIJune 10, 2012

LAS VEGAS, NV - JUNE 09:  Timothy Bradley has his hand raised in victory after defeating Manny Pacquiao by split decision to win the WBO welterweight championship at MGM Grand Garden Arena on June 9, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)
Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Many are calling it one of the most controversial fights in the history of boxing, and after watching Manny Pacquiao bludgeon Timothy Bradley for 12 rounds on Saturday night and then lose in a split decision, it is hard to blame them.

Throughout the fight on Saturday, Pacquiao dominated Bradley round in and round out with combinations of powerful punches that looked like they would lead him to victory. Ringside punching statistics showed that Manny landed 94 more punches than Bradley did and that he also landed 82 more power punches.

It looked like it would be unanimous, Pacquiao over Bradley. After the scorecards were announced though, Pacquiao was not the victor, Bradley had somehow pulled out a victory over the now former champ, and fans across the boxing world were left stunned and confused.

How on earth could Bradley have even come close to winning a fight in which he was dominated from nearly start to finish?

In fact, according to fight promoter Bob Arum, Bradley himself even thought he had lost the fight.

During his interview immediately after the scores for the fight were announced, Bradley said (via ESPN), "I thought I won the fight. I didn't think he was as good as everyone says he was. I didn't feel his power."

According to Arum though, Bradley's speech to the media does not appear to be true at all. Arum claims that directly after the fight was finished Bradley told him, "I tried hard but I couldn't beat the guy."

So, the guy who was crowned the champion does not even think he really won the fight. That just adds a little more controversy to everything.

Arum summed up the night with this quote, "I'm going to make a lot of money on the rematch, but this was outrageous."

Hopefully when Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 comes around, we can see a really good fight that is judged fairly, because everyone, including Timothy Bradley, knows who should have been crowned champion tonight.