Pacquiao vs. Bradley: PacMan Robbed but It's His Fault

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Pacquiao vs. Bradley: PacMan Robbed but It's His Fault
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

You don't have to be a boxing expert to know when someone caught a butt-whooping. Bradley knows it, you know it, and I know it.

That fight was nowhere near close. But it's not Bradley's fault or the judges' fault that PacMan lost. He had control of the fight and should have ended it. If you don't knock your man out you can't complain about the decision.

Now none of us gets to see what we all want to see: PacMan vs. Mayweather. Mayweather can now run and hide like he has for the past two years and be justified in doing so. Manny lost now we all suffer.

Bradley/Pacquiao II is the best we can hope for and if Manny learns his lesson he'll put Bradley down next time. Either way, this goes to show that a commissioner and not promoters should be in charge of boxing.

UFC has a commissioner that puts together the fights the fans want. In boxing it's all about personalities. This is why boxing is dying. No one wants to see the next fight. Everyone wants to see the fight that will never happen: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather.

Everyone who watched Pacquiao/Bradley tonight knows who won, and boxing just lost some of its remaining legitimacy with that decision. But what's worse, it lost fans. And without fans you don't have a sport. 

But more than that, I hope all boxers recognize that it is in their best interest to leave their fate in their own hands and not the judges'.

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