San Francisco 49ers And Free Agency

co f.Contributor IFebruary 9, 2009

According to Matt Maiocco over at the Press Democrat, his sources are saying that the 49ers are possibly interested in filling right tackle, safety, and wide receiver through free agency.

This would make sense seeing how the 49ers need an immediate upgrade at all three positions. Getting proven veterans at these three key positions would give the 49ers time to draft and groom some young talent to eventually take over as starters.

So let's start with the right offensive tackle position. In 2006, the 49ers drafted Joe Staley with their second pick of the first round. At the time it appeared that the Niners had their offensive line set with Staley at right tackle and Jennings at left tackle.

But due to Jennings inability to stay healthy and sudden drop off in performance Staley was moved to left tackle for the 2007 season and Jennings was switched to right tackle.

Once again, Jennings had issues staying healthy. So in steps former Oakland Raider Barry Simms. Watching Simms play reminded me of Kwamie Harris. An imposing figure with below average NFL performance.Then Coach Singletary makes another change and inserts Adam Snyder. A good linemen but not the bookend they were looking for.

Vernon Carey of the Miami Dolphins, Jon Stinchcomb of the New Orleans Saints, and Mark Tauscher of the Green Bay Packers. All three are right tackles and all three are scheduled to be free agents. Of the three Stinchcomb would be the priciest. Vernon Cary would be more in the price range the 49ers would be willing to pay. Tauscher would more than likely come even cheaper than Cary and Tauscher is still rehabbing from knee surgery.

Picking up a saftey through free agency makes total sense. In the 49ers defensive scheme the saftey has the helmet communicator and makes the defensive adjustments before the snap. Putting that kind of pressure on a young player is just to much to ask. Mark Roman is a serviceable safety but lacks some serious ball hawking skills.

Can anyone even remember the last time Roman had an interception?

O.J. Atogwe (St.Louis), Brian Dawkins( Philadelphia), Dawan Landry (New England), James Sanders (Baltimore), and Darren Sharper (Minnesota) are all safteys set to be free agents.

Of this group Dawkins is the most unlikely to be signed by anyone other than the Eagles. O.J. Atogwe might be the easiest to sign, with the change of defensive scheme about to happen in St Louis. Not to mention, 49er quarterbacks won't have to worry about being picked off by him.

It's been well documented the 49ers trouble with landing a top flight wide receiver. Need I remind you of Darrel Jackson, Antonio Braynt, and Ashley Lelie just to name a few. I didn't include Bryant Johnson because the 49ers in my opinion should give him another shot.

Plus, he might come cheap. Also, with the emergence of youngsters Jason Hill and Josh Morgan, the need for a real top flight free agent receiver might be lessened.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Cincinnati), Lance Moore (New Orleans), and Reggie Williams (Jacksonville) are all possibly set to test the free-agent market. T.J. is the least likely to sign with the 49ers as is Lance Moore. T.J. is supposedly interested in Chicago and Philadelphia.

My money is on the Eagles. Moore should get a big pay day from the Saints to keep his services. Williams is a big target but then again so is Johnson and he's already on the roster. We just don't know how long he might keep that roster spot.

So my take on the wide receivers is lets give the youngsters a shot and see what they do with it. This might come back to bite me in the !!! one day but you wont know what you have if you don't let them play.

The one receiver I forgot to mention accidentally on purpose is Anquan Boldin. I mean seriously, does anyone even think the 49ers have a shot at him?