Novak Djokovic's Girlfriend Is the Most Freakishly Intense WAG in Sports

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Novak Djokovic's Girlfriend Is the Most Freakishly Intense WAG in Sports
Lucas Dawson/Getty Images

As mentally tough and intense as Novak Djokovic is, he might not be into his matches as much as his girlfriend.

Jelena Ristic attends many of Djokovic's matches, and her movie star good looks has the camera finding her often as Nole trudges away on the court, and it usually does not find her sitting back casually to enjoy an afternoon of tennis. 

She lives and dies on every point, and given Djokovic's propensity to play in long, grueling matches this intensity is frequently on vivid display.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In fact, you could just watch her for a match and have a great idea as to how the action is unfolding. For instance, you might see a look like the one on the side. 

When we see this look of dismay, it would be safe to assume that Nole is having some kind of struggle on the court. 

This next look of relaxed, thinly veiled contempt, is a good indication that the chair umpire made a terrible call that went against her boyfriend. 

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

In a typical Djokovic match, there are plenty of long points that end with a spectacular shot from Nole. We would know when one of those occurred when miss Ristic flashes this look. 

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Of course, not all of his points are won in spectacular fashion. Here is a look that is quite common during Djokovic's matches. 

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

That one was undoubtedly inspired by yet another amazingly dominant shot that Nole has turned into common place, which invariably leads to a look like this next one. 

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The standing ovation for her boyfriend undoubtedly means that Nole has wrapped up another victory. 

While this strategy may be effective, it could lead to a few puzzling moments. Like the ones that result after this look:

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

This puzzled look would lead me to guessing that Nole's pants fell off while running for a shot, but that probably wasn't the case. 

So the system may not be fool proof, but there are worse ways to enjoy a match. 

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