UFC on FX 3 Results: What's Next for Leonard Garcia?

Montique DavidCorrespondent IIIJune 9, 2012


Bad Boy Garcia. With two of his four UFC fights earning "Fight of the Night" honors, it’s no secret why he’s a fan favorite. He personifies the word "brawler." He’s a 145-pound version of Wanderlei Silva.

But with all of those things come the bad. And sadly, as much as I enjoy watching him as a fighter, it’s time for him to retire. There’s very little doubt that he’ll get cut from the UFC, as he’s lost his last three fights, and an argument could be made that he’s lost his last six. As exciting as he is, he just doesn’t win anymore.

Combat sports may be the hardest to retire from, being that for most of these guys, they’re fighters at heart. Garcia seems to be one of those guys. You know when you see a Bad Boy Garcia fight that he’s going to come out swinging—literally. When the bell rings, it's wild haymakers, spinning backfists, head-kick attempts and little regard for getting hit himself. This guy is a fighter.

What makes his style even more remarkable is the fact that he trains at Jackson’s MMA, which is notorious for game-planning for opponents and staying true to that game plan. You may see Bad Boy game-plan for the first minute, then once he gets hit, it’s all out the window. The switch is flipped and he’s coming after you.

He fights the way you should fight. Impose your will, and go out on your shield. Win or go home. Unfortunately for the Bad Boy, he hasn’t been winning lately.

So what’s next for one of my all-time favorite fighters? He should go home.


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