Watch: Germany Wins 1-0 over Portugal on Mario Gomez's Beautiful Header

Ryan DayCorrespondent IJune 9, 2012

It was a Euro 2012 opener nobody thought would happen—Germany and Portugal at a stalemate for the majority of the match.

And then the clouds parted, the heavens opened and we were presented with a gift from the football gods.

In the 73rd minute, Germany was advancing on the Portuguese. The midfield was mechanical in its efficiency, slowly making its way towards the right side of the defense. It was here that Sami Khedira put a beautiful cross towards an unmarked Mario Gomez who jumped and headed it just as beautifully into the bottom corner of Portugal's net.

It was a low-scoring affair for most of the match, but one that ended with enough excitement to more than make up for the mediocre play in the first 73 minutes.

Check out Gomez's header—a goal that was as pinpoint as it was too good for words.