Ryback and WWE Creative Continue to Insult Our Intelligence

Derek McKinleyCorrespondent IJune 9, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

I've never expected a lot from WWE Creative. In this day and age, it seems like they have all they can manage to just write a show before it airs, let alone make it any good. So I'm not surprised when I see lazy writing from them, because it's become more the norm than the exception. Still, as a fan of wrestling and entertainment, I'm disappointed.

We're now several weeks into the Ryback experiment, and nothing seems to have changed. The man once called Skip Sheffield is still absolutely decimating no-name performers, only now it's usually two at a time.

Those performers used to be local boys, until Creative thankfully realized that you can't really build a guy up as a face if he's crushing people from your hometown every week. Now, though, the writers have just gotten slothful to the point of embarrassment.

Instead of billing the slaughter victims from a nearby town that the audience will be familiar with, they have taken to billing them from whatever city is home to a college football rival.

While in Baton Rouge, home to Louisiana State University, Ryback coincidentally annihilated two guys from Tuscaloosa, Alabama who insisted on chanting "Roll Tide," the motto of the rival University of Alabama, to the crowd for some cheap heat.

While in Columbia, South Carolina, on the University of South Carolina campus, Ryback squashed two guys from rival Clemson.

Actually, I'm a little bit excited because next week SmackDown is in Manchester, New Hampshire, less than an hour drive from the University of New Hampshire. As a graduate of the University of Maine, I'm really hoping that two guys from Orono, maybe a couple buddies of mine, will finally get the jump on Ryback and sing the Stein Song all night long.

Seriously though, this is not entertainment. This is a farce. I groan every time this guy is on my screen, because I know I'm going to sit through a painfully embarrassing promo from two hapless goons and then watch Ryback hit his three moves of doom before he decides to "Finish Them!"

I keep hoping that the first time he wrestles is someone people have heard of. I hope the first opponent he faces who actually gets his own entrance just smokes him.

Secretly, I hope it's a returning Wade Barrett. That feels too poetic for words and too entertaining for WWE Creative to ever even consider it.

When it comes to Ryback, Creative needs to finish him.