UFC on FX Results: Power Ranking the June Knockouts

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistJune 9, 2012

UFC on FX Results: Power Ranking the June Knockouts

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    Knockouts are arguably the most exciting part of mixed martial arts, as they are definitive finishes that prove who the better man is. There are a number of ways a knockout can be achieved; punches, knees, kicks and elbows can get the job done.

    So far in June, there have been some great knockouts in the two UFC events (TUF Finale and UFC on FX 3). Here is a power ranking of the knockouts so far.

Sam Sicilia Def. Cristiano Marcello at TUF 15 Finale

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    Sam Sicilia may have been exhausted and running on fumes, but that doesn't mean he wasn't still dangerous.

    With one left hook and some follow-up ground strikes, Sicilia effectively ended Crisitano Marcello's night as Marcello wondered what planet he was on. No Marcello, not Brazil. We are on Earth. 

Joe Proctor Def. Jeremy Larsen at TUF 15 Finale

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    Joe Proctor is a submission specialist who forgot his strength is on the ground. No worries, one solid knee and a couple of follow-up punches did the job.

    Proctor disposed of Jeremy Larsen with a shocking knockout, as many people saw Larsen as the better striker. Nobody told Procter that—the Joe Lauzon student surprised many with his devastating knockout.

Tim Means Def. Justin Salas at UFC on FX 3

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    First and foremost, let me say that Justin Salas has the heart of a lion. For the majority of the fight, which was not long by the way, he was trying to recover from a bevy of strikes that would have put away Superman, Batman and Spiderman. That's how great Means' combinations were.

    Means hit a number of great combinations with his hands, nailed Salas with a couple of nicely placed knees and relentlessly followed up with ground strikes.

    For Salas, the lights were on but nobody was home. The referee stepped in to save him from further damage.

Martin Kampmann Def. Jake Ellenberger at TUF 15 Finale

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    For a guy who has proved doubters wrong time and time again, Martin Kampmann did not have many supporters going into his fight with Jake Ellenberger. Early on, that seemed justified when Ellenberger rocked the Dane with a missile of a punch.

    Kampmann, as resilient as any other mixed martial artist, got his head back in the game and delivered a jaw-rattling knockout in the second round. Gaining access to a clinch, Kampmann delivered a beautiful knee that rocked Ellenberger. He followed up with punches, but they were unnecessary as Elleberger was already out of the fight.

Eddie Wineland Def. Scott Jorgensen at UFC on FX 3

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    Knocking out Scott Jorgensen is a big accomplishment. The man has an iron chin and is extremely difficult to put away.

    Eddie Wineland didn't get that memo, throwing a beauty of a right cross that had Jorgensen reeling. Wineland followed up with several more punches, but it was obvious Jorgensen was out of it.

Mike Pyle Def. Josh Neer at UFC on FX 3

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    Using his own power and Josh Neer's momentum against him, Mike Pyle delivered the second best knockout of the month so far. One counter-right was all it took to send Neer to the mat unconscious.

    Neer is another guy with a granite chin, making this knockout even better. To the dismay of "The Dentist," Pyle came to play.

Justin Lawrence Def. John Cofer at TUF 15 Finale

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    Bar none, Justin Lawrence's knockout of John Cofer was the best of the month so far. He looked like an NFL punter sending the kick 80 yards down the field.

    19 seconds into the final round, Lawrence unleashed a head kick that would decapitate most human beings. The kick put Cofer out cold before he even hit the mat, securing the win for Lawrence.