Booker T's Comments Reveal Future Face Turn for WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2012


Highly touted prospect Dolph Ziggler has failed to win a televised WWE match for over a month, but his fortune might be about to turn as revealed by Booker T's comments on Friday Night Smackdown.

During Ziggler's match with Intercontinental champion Christian, Booker T was asked to comment on Ziggler's future prospects. Booker's reply was:

The thing with Ziggler is he is so good. He knows it and I think that's his problem. If the guy just went out and...(Booker T broke from his Ziggler discussion to comment on a dramatic move)...just stuck to his guns, this guy would be a multi-time champion right now.

This comment may reveal substantial aspects of Ziggler's character progression in the near future.

The WWE audience already knows that Ziggler is unhappy in his current arrangement with Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler showed outright animosity towards Swagger after the "All American American" was pinned in a tag team match, and after the match, Ziggler declared that he "...was better than this."

Ziggler would go on to tell Vickie Guerrero that the tag team was over.

Since that point, Ziggler has been on a quest to show that he is WWE or World Heavyweight champion material, but he's suffered losses to Sheamus twice and now to Christian. Ziggler has come close to defeating his opponent on all three occasions, with the commentator teams suggesting that Ziggler is missing something to get himself over the top.

Booker stating that Ziggler needs to find humility and concentration to achieve his goal of becoming champion is a precursor to Ziggler discovering this need himself. Slowly, Ziggler is going to stop showing off in the ring and become ruthlessly efficient. This will lead to Ziggler sacking Vickie, as her services—and public trumpeting of his talents—will no longer be required.

This transformation, which WWE fans will see over the next few weeks, will eventually see Ziggler transform into a crowd favourite, and he may receive a major championship run in the autumn.