The 2008-09 B/R College Football Quarterfinals; Texas-Oklahoma

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IFebruary 9, 2009

Welcome, friends, to the fourth and final quarterfinal matchup of the B/R college football playoffs.

Last week, we were again brought to "overtime" in the polls as USC and Alabama voting was just about even.

However, Alabama's lead was too much for USC to overcome, and the SEC powerhouse advances to the semifinals receiving 59.4 percent of the votes.

This next matchup could potentially be the nastiest game played in this tournament. Two teams facing off to settle the season long argument of who deserved the Big XII South title.

Oklahoma and Texas square off in the B/R College Football Quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals: (4) Texas Longhorns vs. (5) Oklahoma Sooners

Why Texas will win...

Colt McCoy is possibly the most complete quarterback in the nation. With all due respect to Tim Tebow, McCoy is the better passer. McCoy's scrambling ability is not quite at Tebow's level, but he has it.

I would expect McCoy to go crazy and light up that sore Sooner's defense.

The Texas defense is good when it wants to be, which isn't often. I can't see them standing up to Sam Bradford's no huddle offense.

Why Oklahoma will win...

Oklahoma's offense is superior to its Texas counterpart. Meaning if the two get into a shootout, I think Oklahoma will come away victorious.

On the flip side, the Texas defense has a leg up on Oklahoma's and that could also give the edge to Texas in there is a shootout.

The game changer will be special teams. Meaning field position. Whoever wins the battle of field position would most likely win this game.

The shorter the field, the quicker you score. OK, sorry I had a John Madden moment there...

The Pick

This is a very tough decision. It is an identical situation as the match up earlier in the year. It is even on a neutral field.

Neither team is playing particularly well. Oklahoma was just humbled by the Gators defense while Texas made Ohio State look good.

The question is, was Texas not as good as we thought? Or is Ohio State better than we thought?

Either way Texas fans won't like this one, but I feel Oklahoma would win this rematch.

Oklahoma wins 42-38.


Hit those polls...I am expecting another overtime to close the quarterfinals....