Analysis and Updates on the Hottest NFL Buzz from OTAs

Shawn Brubaker@@63brubakerContributor IIJune 9, 2012

Analysis and Updates on the Hottest NFL Buzz from OTAs

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    Usually, OTAs are hard to read into, but a few storylines always develop that can be harbingers of a team's success or failure.

    Some teams, like the New York Jets, feature a sideshow-type atmosphere, whereas others, like the Baltimore Ravens, are private and run like a well-oiled machine.

    Both types of camps, though, can produce big storylines. Here are a few that developed from the first few weeks of OTAs.

Santonio Holmes Already Being Difficult

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    The New York Daily News' Kevin Armstrong reported Thursday that Santonio Holmes, who had already missed most of the New York Jets' practices, took himself out of practice.

    Holmes was quoted in the article, saying, "I’ve been gone for a while, so I can’t be at full tempo like the rest of the guys and where they want us to be at."

    This is disappointing for a Jets team that needed Holmes to be a leader for a young receiving corps, as well as a weapon for beleaguered quarterback Mark Sanchez.

    As for Holmes' excuse, being gone is simply not a good reason to not be in shape. As a professional athlete, being in shape is in the job description, and that he could not handle that aspect of his career is sickening.

    While his trip was a charitable mission to meet wounded soldiers, certainly a noble mission, Holmes has a responsibility to his team to perform at his best. The effort he showed on Thursday will not be enough to help this Jets team get over the hump.

Ravens Receiving Corps in Flux

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    The Baltimore Ravens receiving corps is regularly scrutinized, as they've lacked an elite group of playmakers throughout their franchise history.

    The Ravens added Jacoby Jones in hopes of adding a legitimate threat as a third receiver, but LaQuan Williams could be given a run at extra snaps.

    According to's Sarah Ellison, LaQuan Williams has been truly dynamic at Ravens practices, catching everything and showing good speed.

    Jacoby Jones, on the other hand, has struggled with his hands, dropping multiple easy passes.

    The Ravens season ended last year on a dropped pass, so the Ravens will not be as likely to forgive shaky hands this year. If Williams continues to demonstrate strong hands, he could be a dark-horse candidate to win the third receiver job.

DeAngelo Hall Claims RGIII Better Than Rookie Michael Vick

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    Will Brinson of CBS Sports reports that DeAngelo Hall is high on rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, saying he's well ahead of where Vick was as a rookie.

    While Hall very well could be right, he would have no way of knowing. Hall joined the Falcons well after Vick's rookie year, and they attended Virginia Tech at different times as well.

    Basically, this is just Hall talking about something he doesn't really know, but at the very least, it shows that RGIII has impressed the Redskins veterans, and that can only be good.

Brian Banks Is a Hot Name for Tryouts

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    ESPN reports that Brian Banks is a hot name in free agency, as he's been offered a tryout with five different teams, already completing a tryout with the Seahawks.

    Banks was falsely accused and incarcerated of rape before attending college, losing a full ride at USC in the process.

    Any impact from Banks would truly be shocking after not playing for years. His level of conditioning is also a question mark, though his tryout with the Seahawks was apparently impressive enough to warrant a second look.

    Banks is a young man worth rooting for. He's been through more hardship in his life than a great majority of NFL players, and any team can be sure that they'd be getting full effort from him.

Seahawks Forced to Tone Down Practice Intensity

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    According to's Mike Sando, the Seattle Seahawks are in trouble with the Players Association for running their practices a little too intensely.

    Head coach Pete Carroll didn't necessarily see a problem with his practices, but will tone them down in intensity so long as the rules are applied evenly.

    This investigation came after a shoving match broke out in Seahawks practice. The investigation found nothing awry at the camp, but video evidence showed some minor violations.

    While the Players Association is right to crack down on any hitting in OTAs, Carroll's camp sounds perfectly legitimate.

    That the investigation did not find any wrongdoing until review of video evidence shows some inconsistencies with the case, but ultimately, there will be so little impact from this that a further review would be pointless.

Both Jets QBs Struggling

6 of 6's Mark Sessler reports that neither Mark Sanchez nor Tim Tebow is impressing at New York Jets OTAs.

    The Jets defense continues to dominate the offense, with interceptions, incompletions and pretend sacks abounding.

    Naturally, Rex Ryan is spinning this as a chance to showcase his dominant defense, while Tebow is still touting his natural relationship with Sanchez.

    The Jets quarterbacks will continue to dominate news cycles in the short term, but if they continue to struggle, we might not have to hear about them for much longer.