WWE No Way Out: Is Kane a Third Wheel in the Feud Between Punk and Bryan?

Dathen BoccabellaAnalyst IIJune 8, 2012

Does Kane add to or take away from Punk and Bryan's feud?
Does Kane add to or take away from Punk and Bryan's feud?

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan’s rivalry has been excellent so far. After becoming the No. 1 contender in a Beat the Clock challenge on RAW, Bryan has meshed with Punk to create the WWE’s most interesting current storyline.

At Over the Limit last month, the WWE Championship match between the two was a wrestling purist’s dream, albeit with a controversial ending.

In the weeks following, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan took turns making an example out of Kane with steel chairs. The Big Red Machine retaliated and now finds himself caught up in the conflict.

No Way Out is slated to feature a Triple Threat Match between Bryan, Punk and Kane. However, there has been some criticism of Kane’s involvement, namely that he will prevent Bryan and Punk from putting on another much-desired match. Is it true, then, that Kane is merely a third wheel?

The answer in all respects is "no."

AJ has already played a significant outside role in the rivalry to date, and Kane adds further in-ring potential.

Kane is a seasoned performer, and although his masked persona is extremely limited in the current WWE climate, it doesn’t change that he is a great entertainer. Kane’s involvement adds more danger and unpredictability to the upcoming match.

This is the first benefit of Kane’s involvement: variety.

Whether Kane picks up the victory at No Way Out for potentially his last title run, or simply helps to put over Punk and Bryan as he has done largely for others since his return, Kane changes the pace of the matchup.

It’s adding destruction and instability to the technical. It might not be pretty, but it makes for great entertainment.

In turn, the extra variety reveals the second benefit of Kane’s involvement: longevity.

Although many see Kane as preventing fans from getting what they want, The Big Red Machine is simply holding us over until we get that. Once upon a time rivalries lasted for the best part of a year, such as with Batista and the Undertaker. Today however, WWE Creative struggles to keep feuds fresh for so long.

Kane keeps things fresh.

It's apparent that what fans want most is the speculated 60-minute Iron Man Match main event at Summerslam in August, between Bryan and Punk. Whatever the chances of it occurring, Kane helps the rivalry span until August, and beyond, so that it could possibly happen.

More Daniel Bryan and CM Punk matches over 2012, and the years in their careers to come, are inevitable. The two are advertised in a submission match for live events reaching as far as September, so there will be plenty more of the two.

Not once has Kane’s involvement in the current title picture been a bore. Like AJ, he may not be necessary, but his presence adds many more layers to the storyline.

Some say Kane is stuck in the middle of this rivalry, but really, he is the glue holding it together for the present, so that Punk and Bryan can continue to feud much further into 2012.