San Francisco 49ers Top Training Camp Positional Showdowns

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistJune 8, 2012

As we anxiously await the start of the NFL season, our NFL gurus have been paying close attention to every team's OTAs and the inevitable position battles that go along with them.

Today, NFL Draft Lead Writer Matt Miller and NFL Deputy Editor Dylan MacNamara are focusing on the San Francisco 49ers and giving us their takes on the most compelling training camp showdowns.

Last year, we saw the Niners emerge as the only real Super Bowl contenders out of the NFC West, and this offseason, San Francisco is focused on bolstering its offense with some serious changes.

With Frank Gore, Brandon Jacobs and Anthony Dixon in the RB mix, it's pretty clear that Jim Harbaugh isn't planning to rely solely on Alex Smith to move the ball.

But when Smith does air it out, he'll have plenty of weapons (new and old) in his arsenal of receivers. Will Randy Moss prove that he still has what it takes to be a productive receiver? 

Watch Miller and MacNamara weigh in on both of these topics in the video above, and as always, be sure to sound off with your own opinion in the comments section below.

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