WWE: Will AJ Align Herself with CM Punk Against Daniel Bryan?

Michael PrunkaCorrespondent IJune 8, 2012

For the past few weeks, AJ Lee has donned the t-shirt and proudly stood on the corner of WWE Champion CM Punk. It would just so happen that, during this time, Punk has been feuding with AJ's ex-boyfriend Daniel Bryan.

Based on AJ's past with Bryan and the look she gave Kane on this past edition of Monday Night Raw, there is one big question surrounding AJ: who's side is she really on?

Superficially, it would appear that she is supporting Punk. She has had her eye on Punk ever since he and Bryan started feuding last month. Perhaps she's backing Punk because of the way Bryan manipulated and humiliated her.

Then there's the recent nonverbal exchange between AJ and Kane. Is AJ really fickle enough to change who she's interested in at the drop of a hat? It would fit the crazy girl persona she's portraying. Another explanation could be that AJ was smart enough to use her cute smile to prevent Kane from mauling her.

AJ has every reason to align herself with Bryan's opponents. But is it really that simple? Can we really assume that AJ won't go back to Bryan? No.

AJ loyally stood by Bryan's side for months. Even though Bryan got her literally run over by Big Show, AJ stuck around. Perhaps AJ is conspiring to cost Punk the championship to try and win back Bryan. After all, she did indirectly cost Bryan the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania with her "kiss of death."

In the end, there's no telling what is going through AJ's mind. I suspect that she's only trying to win Punk's trust so that she can betray him at No Way Out. The way I imagine it, Punk will be close to retaining his title when AJ plants the very same "kiss of death" on him, allowing Bryan to capitalize and win the title.

When AJ first made it apparent that she was interested in Punk, she was turned away because he didn't trust Bryan. That was a smart move by Punk but I believe he should be even more wary of AJ.


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