Chicago Blackhawks: 5 Adjustments Daniel Carcillo Must Make in 2012-13

James Maahs@Jmaz90Contributor IIIJune 9, 2012

Chicago Blackhawks: 5 Adjustments Daniel Carcillo Must Make in 2012-13

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    Blackhawks' winger Daniel Carcillo is known around the NHL as a pest.

    His job consists of knocking around the opponent and getting them off their game.

    Last season Carcillo played to his strengths; being a pest and even chipping in on the offense every now and then.

    Carcillo's season was cut short after he tore his ACL during a routine hit along the boards. The Blackhawks would soon go into a slump that at one point extended to a nine game losing streak.

    It is fair to say that the Blackhawks missed Carcillo's energy and aggressive play.

    Regardless the Blackhawks' organization will expect Carcillo to come back next season and contribute in more ways than before.

    These are the five adjustments that Daniel Carcillo must make for the 2012-13 season.

Tone Down the Stupid Not the Agressive

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    Carcillo is known for his "dumb" penalties and borderline illegal hits along the boards. 

    The Blackhawks signed him for his aggressive style of play and the fact that he won't back down from a fight. 

    However, Carcillo must have more discipline when deciding whether to go after a player or just to ignore him. He needs to back down a few times when it's best for the team and for the current game strategy.

    It will also be to the benefit of the Blackhawks and Carcillo if he worked on his defensive game. Grind out a few more plays and stay with his defensive assignment.

Up the Offense

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    Carcillo was never really looked to as the guy that could contribute on offense.

    But last season he had 11 points in 28 games, not to shabby for a guy expected to get a small amount of ice time each game.

    Carcillo was even lucky enough to be paired with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane at one point in the season. His main job was to open up the ice for Kane and Toews, a role he filled in spectacular fashion.

    As next season comes around, Carcillo will be expected to build upon his offensive output of the last and give the Blackhawks an agressive winger with a little bit of skill.

Up the Hitting

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    Carcillo may not be the biggest guy on the ice but it will be to his advantage to play like it.

    The only way the Blackhawks will gain an advantage with Carcillo on the ice is if he plays like a pest and hits anything that moves. That goes without saying watch out for the dumb penalties.

    Carcillo could become the Blackhawks' top pest: protecting Toews and Kane while ensuring that other team's top players don't get on their game.

    Superpest Dave Bolland is the ultimate goal as to what Carcillo could become if he built up his skills on and off the ice.

Get in Front of the Net More

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    Carcillo needs to be more aggressive in the right areas on the ice.

    Getting in front of the net more will suit Carcillo's aggressive style of play as he "fights" with opponents for positioning.

    It will open up the play a little bit and allow the Blackhawks' defenseman to shoot the puck more instead of looking for the perfect pass.

    Who knows, maybe Carcillo will even get lucky enough to pick up a rebound and score a goal.

Keep Moving Forward

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    It will be essential that Carcillo progress in his career as a skilled pest.

    Too many times before he has backtracked–part of the reason why he has been traded as much as he has.

    Carcillo will be closely watched next season to see if he belongs with the Blackhawks or if they should trade him for a few more agitators.

    If he works hard and sticks to the game plan he can develop into a key player for the Blackhawks, one that might be essential in another Stanley Cup run someday.

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