UFC on FX 3 Johnson vs McCall Results: Grades for Every Fighter on the Main Card

Matthew Roth@mattroth512Featured ColumnistJune 9, 2012

UFC on FX 3 Johnson vs McCall Results: Grades for Every Fighter on the Main Card

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    UFC on FX 3 played host to the rematch between Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson. The bout proved to be as exciting as the first, as the two flyweights battled for another three rounds to a close decision. "Mighty Mouse" proved to be the better man, as he took a unanimous decision over "Uncle Creepy."

    In the co-main event, Erick Silva showed that he is a fighter to watch as he submitted Charlie Brenneman in the first round. He faced questions about how he'd handle Brenneman's wrestling, and showed that he's ready to face better competition in the division. 

    Mike Pyle also picked up a big win, as he put Josh Neer to sleep to end the first round. Eddie Wineland picked up his first UFC win in the opening fight of the FX portion. 

    With the night over, let's grade the performances of all the fighters on the main card. 

Eddie Wineland: A

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    Eddie Wineland is a former WEC bantamweight champion. He was the champ before the division really got sorted out and was viewed as a gatekeeper as the promotion came to a close. He had been unable to pick up a win in the UFC, and his fight against Scott Jorgensen would likely have been his last had he lost. 

    I'm assuming he knew this, as he turned in the performance of his career. When Eddie is on, there are few in the division that can really handle him. He's an extremely strong fighter and has very good striking.

    Tonight, he put that striking to good use as he battered Scott Jorgensen with right hands. He also showed mental toughness as he battled through a terrible cut over his eye. The knockout finish was absolutely spectacular. 

    To make it even better, he referred to himself as a "corn fed hillbilly from Indiana" in his post-fight interview. An honest man is a good man, and I'm all about fighters showing personality when given the chance. 

Scott Jorgensen: C

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    Scott Jorgensen put forth a valiant effort, but he just couldn't find his timing and was letting Eddie Wineland pick him apart from range. He found success when he closed the distance, but wasn't able to use his biggest asset (his wrestling) to his advantage. 

    He was able to land a really nice knee that opened a massive cut over the left eye of Wineland, but wasn't able to get a stoppage to check the injury. I can't be too hard on Jorgensen as this was the first time he's ever been stopped in his MMA career. He put forth a good effort, but Wineland was just too much for him to handle and was the better man tonight. 

Mike Pyle: B+

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    Mike Pyle has been called the best fighter in Vegas that no one knows. I've never really understood that sort of praise until tonight. 

    He looked very good against a game opponent in Neer, who may be the second most underrated fighter in the division, next to Pyle. The ground work was very entertaining as was the stand up.

    Mike showed that he has a toughness that is hard to describe, as he took the best Neer had and ended the fight with a short right hand. The knockout definitely earned Pyle another fight in the Octagon and may move him up the welterweight rankings. 

Josh Neer: C

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    Josh Neer showed that he's one of the hardest fighters to game-plan for. He's very crafty on the ground and dangerous on the feet. Those digging body punches were going to pay off in the later rounds had he not gotten clipped by that knockout punch. 

    I enjoy watching Josh fight, but it's because he's exciting. This was a typical Neer fight, and he'll have a UFC career as a guy who can put on fun fights on television. He won't ever challenge for a belt, and after tonight's loss he'll likely be relegated to the Fuel TV portions of cards. 

Erick Silva: A

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    There was a big question about Erick Silva entering this fight. He's always had trouble with wrestlers, and a guy who keeps a pace like Charlie Brenneman would test the progress of his development. Erick showed tonight that he's not just ready for the UFC, but he's ready for the next step forward in his career.

    He's extremely dynamic in his strikes, and that rear-naked choke was absolutely nasty. His BJJ black belt under the Nogueira brothers has obviously paid off and I look forward to seeing him fight again. Eventually, I'd love to see him against Rory MacDonald. That's a fight that will one day be for a UFC title. 

    Also, shout-out to his manager Wallid Ismail for putting on the best and most fun post-fight interview. He's super intense and amazing. 

Charlie Brenneman: C-

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    Charlie Brenneman was supposed to present an interesting stylistic matchup, as Silva tends to be weak against wrestlers. Joe Silva really couldn't have chosen a better fighter, as Charlie is relentless in his takedowns and keeps a ridiculous pace once he gets an opponent to the ground. 

    Tonight, Charlie was able to fight his fight and he came up short. He tested the takedown defense of Erick Silva and lost. Silva was just too athletic and landed on him when on the feet. Whenever Charlie got the fight to the ground, Silva was immediately working to get upright. 

    There's no shame in tapping out. He just lost to a better fighter. 

Demetrious Johnson: A+

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    Demetrious Johnson was announced the winner of the first clash with McCall due to a tabulation error. The fight was really a draw, and should have gone to a fourth and final round to decide who was to face Joseph Benavidez. 

    Tonight, Demetrious made sure that there was no controversy as he outstruck McCall for the whole fight. His speed proved to be the difference, as he moved in and out without taking much damage. He also was able to get the fight to the ground and maintain position. 

    With the win, he is now booked to face Benavidez for the flyweight belt. That fight is sure to steal the show. I cannot wait. 

Ian McCall: B-

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    I rarely give a losing fighter a "B" as I feel those grades are usually reserved for the victors. McCall put forth a great effort tonight and deserves recognition for it. He came up short against a better fighter tonight, but that could change at a different time. 

    He looked slow, and that may be because of his excess weight. It was rumored that he entered the cage at 150 pounds, which surely caused him to lose some speed. This ended up being the big difference maker, as Johnson was able to out strike him on the feet. 

    McCall didn't just lose the fight tonight, though. He also lost his title as the top flyweight in the world. I guess the saying is true—when it rains, it really does pour.