Juan Pablo Montoya, MartinTruex Jr and Aric Almirola Are "EN FUEGO" at Daytona

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IFebruary 8, 2009

The Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing Chevy's are on fire. The rumors of those cars being very fast were ringing true Sunday afternoon in Daytona.

Three of the top seven fastest cars belong to Earnhardt-Ganassi racing, including the pole winner Martin Truex JR.

I guess is a little too early for Chip and Teresa to count their chickens, but so far this looks like the best merger in NASCAR.

This merger gives both Chip and Teresa a team that can attract new young fans, it has three good personalities who are young and I would bet most ladies would say all three are handsome (all the ladies I know say it).

All is set for this team to have a very successful season, now here is the hard part, you got to win and win often or at least have a car or two in the top 10 week in and week out.

If this team does well in the next five races, I would bet the house Almirola may not have to worry about a full year sponsorship, some smart businessman will understand the value of a young winner , Kahne is a fine example of someone with huge marketing value, Aric might have the same, if he can be competitive.

Earnhardt-GanassiRacing could very well put two cars in the chase and a third just outside the twelve.

Does Martin Truex JR. have a legit shot at the championship? I guess my answer is, why not?

Does Juan Pablo Montoya have a chance to make the chase? Again, my answer has to be, why not? 

And, finally, can Aric Almirola keep No. 8 in the top 20 without Mark Martin's help? Well, my answer is...he has to!