WWE News: Is the WWE Planning to Unveil New Set for Monday Night Raw Next Month?

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WWE News: Is the WWE Planning to Unveil New Set for Monday Night Raw Next Month?

As WWE prepares to celebrate the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw, the flagship program of the company has had multiple looks as it comes to the stage and entrance ramp for the superstars to make their way up to the ring.

The subject of the stage and entrance ramp is the point of a new article on WWE.com today as it looks through the evolution of the look of the stage from the first episodes in 1993 to current day in 2012.

Here are the details from the aforementioned article on the WWE’s website as it gives the assumption that a new set might in the works for the 1000th episode of Raw next month.

The WWE Universe should be well-versed with this TitanTron; it’s been the standard for WWE for the past three years. CM Punk delivered his pipe bomb on this TitanTron, and it’s on this set that Raw will celebrate its 1,000th episode … unless, of course, the stage evolves again.

Outside of the spectacle that is the current HD set used for Raw, Smackdown and other pay-per-view events, the greatest Monday Night Raw stage was the giant titantron stage used during the heights of the attitude era in the late 1990s.

If the WWE were to make a change to the set, the company should attempt to combine elements from the current design along with the aforementioned titantron-era stage to make an even more impressive presence at events.

With a potential new stage on the way for WWE’s flagship program on Monday nights, what was your favorite past stage that have seen countless superstars make their way to the ring for action each and every week? Sound off on the comment section below.

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