Manny Pacquiao: 5 Reasons It's Time for Him to Retire After Tim Bradley Fight

Stephen FennellCorrespondent IJune 15, 2012

Manny Pacquiao: 5 Reasons It's Time for Him to Retire After Tim Bradley Fight

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    The dust has temporarily settled on one of the worst boxing decisions in recent memory, and it's time to turn our thoughts towards what Manny Pacquiao is going to do next.

    While the immediate reaction would be to schedule a rematch with Timothy Bradley, there are some factors to consider first.

    The boxing game has eaten up and spat out more boxers than it's made, both financially and in terms of a fighter's health.

    The list is long and the scrapheap high and while Pacman would certainly have the financial safety nets in place, it's not all about the money.

    Before Bob Arum plops a monetarily juicy contract in front of the former Welterweight champion, Pacman should take a look at why exactly now would be a great time to get out.

    The world won't remember him for his Timothy Bradley loss, so the timing may just be perfect.

1. Floyd Mayweather

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    Let's face it—this fight is most likely never going to happen, and that is one of the most disappointing pieces of text I've ever written.

    While we fondly look back on classic fights and trilogies from eras past, the inability of Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao to find a middle ground means their ring battle(s) will never be recorded in boxing history.

    At the moment, Pacman seems to be defined by his elusive rival and each ring appearance or victory is followed by references to the 43-0 Mayweather Jr.

    One must imagine that if the two cannot come to blows in a ring somewhere, Pacman should look to call time on his career.

    If he continues to take fights against lesser opponents for unnecessary recognition, Pacquiao risks the potential for decisions such as the recent one against Bradley.

    Furthermore, he is potentially risking his health.

2. Health

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    Moving on to the most important factor of all: his health.

    The last time Pacquiao was stopped was a third-round TKO way back in 1999 against Medgoen Singsurat in Thailand.

    His fights are always incredibly exciting and fortunately for the Pinoy, he's usually the one dishing out the punishment.

    For that reason, he doesn't exhibit the typical wear and tear of a boxer who's fought professionally 60 times.

    Many boxers have hung around the ring too often, been the recipient of too many unnecessary punches, and Pacman can get out before this happens.

    The late Sugar Ray Robinson once said: "You always say, 'I'll quit when I start to slide,' and then one morning you wake up and realize you done slid."

    With no Mayweather Jr. fight on the horizon, Pacman should listen to the words of the true ''greatest'' and get out now.

3. Corruption

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    Pacquiao has been admirably sporting following his loss to Timothy Bradley in their recent clash in Las Vegas.

    He was on the wrong end of a bitterly disappointing judging decision and between this and the Khan/Peterson fight, you have to question the legitimacy of some of those judging boxing matches.

    It's not yet been suggested that there is another Mustafa Ameen at work, but the upcoming investigation will hopefully get to the bottom of the recent injustice.

    It takes weeks and months of training to prepare for a world title fight, and the least one can expect is to receive a fair decision upon the bout's conclusion.

    Given the amount of money generated by Pacquaio for others involved in the promotion and management end of the sport, the disheartening occurrences at the MGM Grand are reason alone for Pacman to no longer be involved in boxing.

4. Political Career

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    There are very few people on this planet today who are held in such high regard in their country as Manny Pacquiao is in the Philippines.

    This stems from his efforts and achievements inside the ring and also from the way in which he conducts himself outside it.

    He is a boxer primarily but also a philanthropist and politician, and he's currently a congressman in the Sarangani province.

    Recently, his involvement with the political side of the Philippines has increased, and one wonders just how long he can continue with both boxing and politics in equal measure. 

    Although he is only 33 years old, Pacman shouldn't and hopefully won't continue to fight unnecessarily into his later years.

    While some may argue that he can pursue politics when his physical attributes have faded, the lack of relative challenges to him in the sport suggests now is the right time to commit to politics.

5. Legacy

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    Sonny Liston is remembered for his snarl, Floyd Patterson for his gentlemanly conduct and Manny Pacquiao will be recalled for his smile, ferocity and entertainment value.

    A victory over Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the only box left to tick in an incredible career to date.

    At this point in time, beating opponents unopposed or losing to them via controversial decisions adds nothing other than figures to his bank account.

    Pacquiao has never come across as financially driven, another fine difference between him and Mayweather Jr., so him continuing to fight serves no purpose but for our gain.

    If it is finally decided that he and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will never step into a ring together, then it's time to hang up his gloves and focus on something else in life.

    His legacy was cemented a long time ago. Let's hope he doesn't stay on and detract from it.