Chris Jericho Punches a Fan in The Face and Spits On a Woman! (Video Footage)

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 8, 2009

This was not a pretty sight. After a house show in Victoria, B.C., Chris Jericho could not stand the excessive heckling of the fans outside the arena. As he made his was to his vehicle and began to drive away, fans blocked his SUV and then all hell broke lose.

Jericho began to get out of his vehicle when a fan blocked his way. As the verbal assault went back and forth, Jericho punched the fan right in the face. A woman who was friends with this fan then got in Jericho's face. Jericho then went on a tirade of dropping "F-Bombs" and used another 5-letter word to describe this woman before spiting right in her face.

After the fighting began to settle down a bit (not that it did very much, as security did very little), Chris tried to get back into his vehicle when one of the fans pushed him and his head hit the door.

No, I'm not kidding you and you can check it out for yourself right here...

This was a very sad thing to see happen.