Euro 2012 Video: Watch Crazy Dubstep Version of an Opening Ceremony

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 8, 2012

Euro 2012 has begun and that means the entire world is freaking out right now. So I guess it's fitting that it all started with a crazy opening ceremony filled with...well, I just don't know. 

BuzzFeed provides video to a few minutes of pure magic. 

For some, you may have been kicking yourselves for not dropping those party pills so early in the morning. The crazy Euro party was brought to us all thanks to ESPN and an overzealous ceremony-planning committee. 

The ceremony starts with a bunch of dancers in crazy outfits. Okay, pretty par for the course. 

Every last opening to a major sports tournament has some sort of cultural dancing mixed with local garb. I can get behind this. 

Then classical pianist Adam Gyorgy comes in and plays some Chopin. Hmm, no better way to clear a room than to start playing Chopin, but the legendary composer was Polish. So, I'll bite. 

And then DJ Karmatronic came on to play along and then soccer was played. 

So, I really...Bwhaaaaa?!?!

The opening was pretty benign, but the dubstep DJ at the end added a flavor that completely changed the dish to something altogether funky. 

I'm not talking Con Funk Shun funk, I am talking ketchup on your lobster funk. 

All of a sudden, those dancers in the odd dresses and the classical pianist seemed to be out of place. Hmm, it could just be something bad I ate kicking in. 

What did you think of the Euro 2012 Opening Ceremonies?

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